How Belts in Martial Arts Teach Kids About Setting Goals

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One of the best development tools known to man is the martial arts belt system. However, it must be used correctly to lead to true development. There are plenty of obstacles along the way to success in the real world. Youngsters need to know that achieving their desired result or goal requires surmounting these obstacles. Below, we will look at how belts in martial arts teach kids about setting goals. What Do Kids Learn from Belts in Martial Arts? The martial arts belt system teaches youngsters how to set goals, how to attain them, and what the results of these…

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Belts in Martial Arts

Youth Martial Arts at MP USA in Ogden Utah focus on Character Development

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Character development is crucial in the growth of every youngster. As a parent, you not only need to make sure that your son or daughter stays healthy physically, but you also have to ensure they have a strong character. Proper education is the best way to impart good character building skills. Yet, not all of this education is in the school classroom. Martial arts programs teach your kid how to develop a sound character along with valuable lifesaving skills. Below, we will look at why you should sign your child up for youth martial arts at MP USA in Ogden…

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Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

Meditation and Martial Arts: How Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden Utah Is Different

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When you think of martial arts, you may envision sweaty people sparring and repetitively practicing movements on mats. Martial arts benefits may appear to only be physical in nature with some improved discipline sprinkled in. However, with Merpati Putih martial arts in Ogden, Utah, meditation and martial arts combine to strengthen the mind-body-spirit balance. Why Meditation Is Important The vocational, psychological, and physical benefits of meditation are many. Psychologically, when you meditate, it helps you to be more confident in yourself. It also guides you in your personal growth. People who meditate have more control over their anger and are calmer…

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What’s a Good Age for My Kids to Start Martial Arts Classes?

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The benefits of martial arts classes for kids are well documented. But, you may be wondering, “What is a good age for my kids to start martial arts classes?” This depends on a long list of factors, including the type of martial art, how mature your child is, and the specific martial arts studio you are looking at. Below, we will explore all of these factors as well as the benefits to starting early to help you make an informed decision. Starting Age Depends on Several Factors Karate dojos take children as young as three years old, whereas many Krav…

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martial arts class in Ogden Utah

Steps for Success: Preparing your kids for their first martial arts class in Ogden Utah

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Signing your child up for martial arts classes is one of the most important steps you can take to prepare them for the future. Your youngster will develop the skills they need to move around confidently in the world. Naturally, as a parent, you want to give your kids the best opportunity to get the most out of the classes. To help you with this, we have put together these tips for getting ready for kids martial arts class in Ogden Utah. Be Sure You Sign Up for the Right Class The first step in preparing your child for success…

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self defense classes for woman

Personal Protection Self Defense Classes for Women and Girls

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Martial arts of just about every variety are often dominated by men. For most women, this can make it a bit intimidating to enter the studio for the first time. At MP USA, we think this is a shame. So, we do our best to make women feel more comfortable in a martial arts setting by offering Women’s Ultimate Personal Protection And Street Survival (WUPPASS) events. Below, we will look at why self-defense classes are important for women and what we have to offer. Personal Protection Self Defense Classes for Women and Girls in Ogden Utah Salt Lake City’s Office…

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Martial Arts Movies

7 Best Martial Arts Movies of All Time

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For many of us, our first introduction to martial arts was through movies. And, even today as adults, we are inspired to hit the mats and spend countless hours repeating moves after viewing our favorite martial arts films again and again. At MP USA, we do not endorse spending hours in front of the screen watching movies, but the occasional viewing of a high-quality film can motivate you. With this in mind, here are our picks for the 7 best martial arts movies. Swordsman II (1992) Directed by Ching Siu-tung and with Jet Li in the lead role, this mesmerizing…

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martial arts for men in Ogden Utah

5 Reasons Martial Arts for Men in Ogden Utah Attracts Women!

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Women love a man who can defend himself and his partner. Of course, impressing a potential love interest is not a good reason to get into martial arts. However, it is one of the many perks that comes with putting in the work to improve yourself. Below, we will look at why martial arts for men in Ogden Utah make you a more attractive partner. Women Like Men Who Are Humble Confidence is a sexy trait in men, but no one likes to see someone’s ego get the best of them. Fortunately, your ego is kept in check on a…

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martial arts youth programs in Ogden Utah

Advantages of Martial Arts Youth Programs in Ogden Utah

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With the widespread use of the Internet, video games, and the constant allure of TV shows, our children are exposed to an endless stream of media that fill their minds with questionable values. As parents, educators, and members of the community, we have a responsibility to pry our youngsters away from these unwholesome influences and instill honesty, responsibility, helpfulness, compassion, and other important values. Martial arts youth programs in Ogden Utah help with this. Let’s take a look at a few of the other advantages of enrolling your son or daughter in martial arts classes. Battle Childhood Obesity with Physical…

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What to look for in a martial arts studio in Ogden Utah

Where to Find Indonesian Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

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Ogden is home to a countless variety of martial arts studios. You can pick from taekwondo, judo, jiu-jitsu, karate, Muay Thai, aikido, and many others. As a matter of fact, just about anywhere in the country, you can find places teaching these forms of martial arts. Yet, in the entire Western Hemisphere, there is only one place you can learn Merpati Putih: MP USA. Today, we will look at the history and features of Indonesian martial arts in Ogden Utah. What Is the History of Indonesian Martial Arts? In the Indonesian archipelago, martial arts are known as pencak silat. Pencak silat…

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