4 Reasons Why I Chose MP USA for My Son’s Martial Arts Studio in Ogden Utah

One of the perks of being an excellent martial arts studio in Ogden Utah is that we get to see students young and old progress and become exemplary members of our community using the tools they learned from our teachers. We always enjoy hearing from proud parents who have noticed a positive change in their child. Recently, we spoke with Rachel Warren, who wanted to thank us for what MP USA has done for her son, Gabe.

Our Interview with Rachel

4 Reasons Why I chose MP USA for my Son's Martial Arts Studio in Ogden Utah

“When my family moved to Ogden,” Rachel began, “I was driving around looking for a local studio for my son when I saw MP USA’s signage.” She was impressed by the imagery she saw, so she went in and talked to our owners, Nate and Mike Zeleznick.

“They told me that it’s not just about martial arts but also focusing on character development. And, they also focus on Energy, Hard Work, and Power Building,” Rachel continued. “They told me they had 4 steps with youth martial arts and that kids have to work hard to achieve their ranks.”

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The 4 main qualities MP USA seeks to nurture in youth at our martial arts studio in Ogden Utah are:

  1. Character Development – “They send kids home with a sheet,” Rachel said. “The sheet has all of these chores on it. The chores are house chores, like cleaning their room, helping with dishes, taking out the trash, and more. Once he fills it out, Gabe takes it back in, and they give him stars to put on his uniform.”
  2. Excellent Self Care and Confidence – “Gabe has learned to be nice to people he interacts with, to care for himself, and to practice proper hygiene,” Rachel observed.
  3. Study and Practice – Students are encouraged to do homework, such as basic stretching and warmups as well as practicing moves that will be on a test.
  4. Respect and Love – This includes cleaning up after meals and taking out the trash without being asked to do so along with sharing and cooperating with siblings.

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At MP USA, we start and finish every class with an opening and closing ceremony. MP USA Members participate in ceremonies to clear their minds of past regrets and anxieties of the future before and after each class. This allows MP Practitioners to be fully present during training and to develop themselves with fully-focused intensity and thought.

“The changes I have seen in my Gabe since joining MP USA have been a delight,” Rachel added. “I would recommend MP USA to anyone in the area who wants the best for their child.”

Why You Should Choose Us Too!

Merpati PutihBest Martial Arts Studio for Kids in Ogden Utah

(MP) is the martial art of the Royal Family of Indonesia that only became available to the public in 1963. It is a complete system of personal empowerment, meditation, fitness, breathwork, energy development, and combative martial arts. Mike and Nate were inaugurated and certified as the first MP trainers in America after an accelerated and brutal training regimen. Today, they own the only studio teaching MP in the Western Hemisphere.

Our Youth Martial Arts program is specifically designed for children aged six to fourteen. We keep a perfect balance of life-saving skills, character development, and physical fitness in each class. We start by having your son attend a series of classes on consecutive Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. On the third day, your child earns his white belt. These classes allow you and you son to determine if MP is right for you as well as help us gauge your son’s abilities so we can cater training specifically to him.

If you would like to instill values such as courage, manners, leadership, integrity, respect, confidence, and discipline in your son, consider contacting MP USA martial arts studio in Ogden Utah today to sign your son up for classes.

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