5 Ways Martial Arts Classes at MP USA Teaches Kids How to Avoid Procrastination

Martial Arts Classes Help with Brain Development

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You ask your youngster early in the day to complete a chore before supper time. They clearly acknowledge you, but rather than getting the task out of the way so they can enjoy the rest of their day, they leave it for later. And, when the family sits down for dinner, the job still isn’t complete. Procrastination is common among teens, tweens, and other young ones these days. Here are some ways that MP USA teaches kids how to avoid procrastination.

1. Work before Play

MP USA Teaches Kids How to Avoid ProcrastinationWhen you give young people the choice between playing and doing work, they are going to go with playing every time. When you give them a task to do with no immediate deadline, you are essentially giving them the option to play. On the other hand, we teach students the value of getting work done first. We also help them learn to work hard at all that they do. After all, it’s much more satisfying sitting down to play that video game or hanging out with friends without upcoming chores weighing on the mind.

2. To-Do Lists

The Youth Martial Arts Program at MP USA helps kids with to-do lists by offering a monthly rewards program. Each month, students are sent home with a chart that helps them track their chores, homework, self-care, and martial arts movement practices. Once the month is over, they turn their chart in to show what they did. If they do a good job completing their tasks, students earn patches. We’ve found that the charts help develop strong positive habits outside of the martial arts studio.

3. Organization

MP USA Teaches Kids How to Avoid ProcrastinationMP USA teaches kids about responsibility. For example, if a student forgets their belt, sparring gear, lesson sheet, or other items they were expected to bring, they must perform pushups or other exercises. We teach children that it is important to keep track of what you need to be successful, whether in the Kolat or at home.

4. Time Management

Students must stay on task and focus to get the most out of class time. For instance, we have a “2-minute rule.” Kids have two minutes or less to gear up for sparring, or they are given additional exercises. We also run structured classes to provide an example of how to properly manage time to complete several tasks.

5. Goal Setting with Small Tasks

MP USA Teaches Kids How to Avoid ProcrastinationWhen they see a large project, many youngsters have no clue where to start. This is a common source of procrastination. We help tackle the overwhelming aspect of looking at the big picture by helping students focus on the fun and rewarding process of completing smaller tasks. By breaking down movements by belt level, kids learn how to complete small tasks to reach their goals of climbing the belt rankings. We’ve found this carries over outside of the studio as well.

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MP USA Teaches Kids How to Avoid Procrastination

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