7 Reasons Martial Arts Classes for Boys in Ogden UT Are a Smart Choice

martial arts youth programs in Ogden Utah

These days, boys are starved for positive role models. It seems like every time you turn on the news, there is another story about so-called leaders doing something morally corrupt. As a parent, it is your job to instill positive values in your boys. But, with your other jobs of putting food on the table and paying the bills, this task is easier said than done. Fortunately, you do not have to raise upstanding young men alone. Martial arts classes for boys in Ogden, UT are here to help! Here are seven reasons why you should enroll your child in martial arts classes.

1. Everybody Participates in Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes for Boys in Ogden UTThere is a big push for boys to join team sports in schools across the country. There are even public service ads on the radio about it. While there are benefits to team sports, they do tend to favor the more physically developed players at the expense of late bloomers. With martial arts, everyone participates, and individual achievement is celebrated by moving up belts and ranking.

2. Combat the Childhood Obesity Statistics

Martial Arts for Boys in Ogden UTChildhood obesity is a global pandemic, and rising trends in obesity are apparent in both developing and developed countries. Martial arts classes are usually comprised of warming up, learning and practicing moves, possibly sparring, and some active games. Throughout most of the session, your boy is constantly on the go doing punches, takedowns, stretching, kicks, grappling, crunches, etc.

3. Boys Learn Discipline

Nowhere is the motto “practice makes perfect” more apparent than in martial arts training. In a single class, a student may execute one movement hundreds of times. This teaches boys that progress always happens in small improvements in flexibility, technique, power, and stamina through endless repetition. There are also protocols and rules that must be followed to maintain safety.

4. You Can Learn with Your Child

Though our Youth Martial Arts program is mainly geared for children under the age of fifteen, we offer other classes that are fifteen and older. If your child is younger than fifteen, you can enroll in an adult class then discuss what you are learning with your son. You can even go home and practice with each other. Martial arts provide an excellent bonding tool.

5. Learn Self-Defense

Boys Martial Arts Classes in Ogden UTThe main reason most people study martial arts is self-defense. In addition to teaching boys the techniques of self-defense, martial arts also teach them how to anticipate and avoid potential dangers.

6. Develop Athletically

Young men get a full-body workout when they participate in martial arts. In order to improve their game skills, many NFL players and other world-class professional athletes practice martial arts.

7. Build Self-Confidence

Children get a big boost in their confidence as they become more proficient in Merpati Putih. Encouragement from their teacher will help them achieve self-confidence that will serve them far beyond the martial arts studio.

MP USA Is Here to Help Boys

MP USA makes leadership training and martial arts classes for boys in Ogden, UT affordable. In our Youth Martial Arts program, your young man between the ages of six and fourteen will start with three trial lessons, where we can ensure martial arts is something he really wants to do, and we can evaluate his needs to customize a program for him. At the end of these sessions, your child will earn his “white belt” and can then enroll in our regular program, which will instill in him all of the qualities covered above.

If you are interested in learning more about our martial arts classes for boys in Ogden, UT, contact MP USA today!

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