7 Ways Martial Arts Stops Bullying

We hear a lot about bullying these days. Unfortunately, our schools and workplaces can all too often become places where we feel vulnerable, targeted and even abused. As a result, it’s important to develop personally empowering tools we can use to help keep ourselves from being victimized.

Today, we’re going to talk about 7 ways martial arts stops bullying and how you can introduce these benefits to your family by practicing Merpati Putih- the martial art of the Royal Family of Indonesia – at MP USA.

Say Goodbye to Bullying!

MP USA Family Martial Arts Program

Participating in martial arts can benefit both the people who are being picked on AND the bullies themselves. Among its many advantages, writes Damien Martin with Karate Expansion Forum, “a number of researchers have found that martial arts practices cultivate decreases in hostility and decreased feelings of anger.” Practicing martial arts also:

  • Teaches children respect
  • Leads to improved sportsmanship
  • Helps us develop a better sense of responsibility
  • Reinforces a positive group environment for learning
  • Helps us build lasting friendships
  • Provides a safe outlet for excess energy
  • Builds communication skills, especially when we take classes as a family

When children who may be prone to bullying are involved in martial arts practice, they can develop the skills and confidence necessary to become less easy to target. This feeling of personal empowerment can have a lifelong impact.

“Around the time I started practicing martial arts,” one martial arts student told us, “I was teaching parenting classes in a jail, and the training I’d received on how to respond to inmate threats actually left me feeling more afraid. Once I started developing more self-defensive skills and, most important, confidence, I noticed that I carried myself with more assurity when I walked through the jail, which made me less of a potential target.”

Looking at it through a bully’s eyes, research consistently demonstrates that people who exhibit aggression toward others often have low self-esteem, have been bullied themselves, may be socio-economically disadvantaged and may have significant challenges in their home and personal lives. If we can help bullies instead become leaders, the positive results can be amazing. While the journey isn’t easy, it’s definitely worth it!

“Learning martial arts is not a cake walk,” we explained in an April 2018 post about how MP USA helps youth become better leaders, “In Merpati Putih, students learn to find a balance of mind, body, and spirit. Since this may not come naturally for some, it takes work to maintain a meditative state, perform certain motions, or to handle adversity. Over time, though, as youngsters face several challenges and come out on top through hard work, they learn that they are capable of much more than they first thought.”

Say Hello to MP USA!

Best Martial Arts Classes for Families in Ogden Utah

At MP USA, we recognize that you have many choices when it comes to selecting the right martial arts academy. Several years ago, the mother of one of our students found us after searching long and hard for a good fit, and she was impressed with the four main qualities we seek to nurture in youth, each of which supports the 7 ways martial arts stops bullying.

These traits are:

  1. Character Development – “They send kids home with a sheet,” Rachel said. “The sheet has all of these chores on it. The chores are house chores, like cleaning their room, helping with dishes, taking out the trash, and more. Once he fills it out, Gabe takes it back in, and they give him stars to put on his uniform.”
  2. Excellent Self Care and Confidence – “Gabe has learned to be nice to people he interacts with, to care for himself, and to practice proper hygiene,” Rachel observed.
  3. Study and Practice – Students are encouraged to do homework, such as basic stretching and warmups as well as practicing moves that will be on a test.
  4. Respect and Love – This includes cleaning up after meals and taking out the trash without being asked to do so along with sharing and cooperating with siblings.

“The changes I have seen in my Gabe since joining MP USA have been a delight,” this mother, Rachel Warren, said. “I would recommend MP USA to anyone in the area who wants the best for their child.”

During 2019, the weeks of February 11th-14th, February 25th-28th, March 11th-14th and March 25th-28th, MP USA will offer enrollments for our new Family Martial Arts Program. We invite you to experience the benefits of doing martial arts together as a family by calling us at 1-866-666-7872 Opt. 1 to speak to our enrollment director. Or, text the keyword “MPUSA” to 26786 for more details.

Family Martial Arts Classes at MP USA
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