How Belts in Martial Arts Teach Kids About Setting Goals

One of the best development tools known to man is the martial arts belt system. However, it must be used correctly to lead to true development. There are plenty of obstacles along the way to success in the real world. Youngsters need to know that achieving their desired result or goal requires surmounting these obstacles. Below, we will look at how belts in martial arts teach kids about setting goals.

What Do Kids Learn from Belts in Martial Arts?

Belts in Martial ArtsThe martial arts belt system teaches youngsters how to set goals, how to attain them, and what the results of these achievements look like. Plus, the goal setting skills developed with the help of a great martial arts teacher can be applied to other areas of life as well. Many of today’s martial arts studios have done away with uniforms and belts because they believe that these traditions are antiquated. We think they are missing the bigger picture.

Only three percent of people create written goals. The most successful people in our society diligently set goals. Why are they so successful? It is because they have a clear image and vision of what they want to do in life. This is where the belt system comes in handy. And, when your child learns how to set goals early on, they will have an easier time of achieving favorable outcomes throughout life.

Martial Arts Provide a Course in Goal Setting

Belts in Martial ArtsWith a quick Google search or visit to a local bookstore, you will find thousands of goal setting courses. The problem is that most people don’t even put in the effort to follow these programs. Yet, by just attending martial arts classes, your child will have all of the tools they need to start setting goals.

Let’s look at an example. When students first arrive at MP USA, their uniform is included in the cost of their introductory classes. At this point, your youngster does not have a belt. They will see all sorts of different belt colors as they watch other students practice. The skill level of each student is identified by their belt color. The first step in setting goals is understanding the belt system.

After completing the three introductory classes, your kid will earn their first belt, a white belt. They will be ready for their first grading after a few months of work on various techniques that are challenging at first but get easier with practice. After a successful belt test, the student will earn a new belt, a yellow belt. Trying on this new belt is a moment filled with pride and accomplishment. And next, they set their eyes on the orange belt.

MP USA’s System of Belts Will Help Your Child Succeed

Belts in Martial ArtsThe MP USA Youth Martial Arts Program is open to kids ages six through fourteen. Students wear the standard black uniform. And, the belt ranking system is white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green, brown, brown/red, and red. Once they earn their red belt, they can test for the Baju, which is the traditional shirt worn by Merpati Putih members.

The time it takes for a student to achieve their red belt varies quite a bit, but it takes at least several years. Once a red belt, your child will still continue to have new goals to achieve in their learning and training. As your youngster climbs the rankings, they will be able to set their sights on both short-term and long-term goals. And, as they do this over the years, goal setting becomes a habit that will stay with them throughout life.

Now that you know how belts in martial arts teach kids about setting goals, contact MP USA today to enroll your child in our Youth Martial Arts program.

Belts in Martial Arts

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