Building Children’s Intrapersonal Skills Through Martial Arts Training

Childhood can be tough! Just ask a kid! Recently, we asked a group of children and teens to describe the challenges they face each day, and here are some of the things they listed:

  • Bullying
  • Feeling overwhelmed at school
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Fights with friends and family
  • Peer pressure
  • Being tired
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Getting in trouble

Thankfully, most of these challenges can be successfully addressed, and today we’re going to share some empowering tools to help our children navigate the obstacles they face. The focus of our conversation is on building children’s intrapersonal skills through martial arts training.

Advantages of Martial Arts Training

In the Huffington Post’s blog, LIFE, professional flexibility expert and martial artist Stacey Nemour writes that martial arts training has “transforming power” for people of all ages. “I have observed that the benefits to every age has been nothing less than astonishing!” she said. Speaking to parents, she added,

“Martial arts training gives your son or daughter the chance to strengthen in mind as well as body. It encompasses not just the physical aspect of the ‘sport’, but mental and emotional lessons as well. ”

Some of the intrapersonal skills children can develop in their martial arts practice involve communication, leadership, and self-control.

At MP USA, we believe the leadership aspect is huge! Also, practicing a martial art such as Merpati Putih can also result in a reduction in hyper energy, and it can help students do better in school and in learning situations where they need to better understand what’s happening around them.

We approach our classes with a whole child/whole person approach that involves body, mind, and spirit, and participants of any age learn lessons about physical and emotional fitness, commitment, overcoming challenges, and working together. As we shared in a previous post outlining seven ways youth martial arts develop better leaders, we also focus on achieving advancement goals, meeting challenges and deadlines, and team building.

Next Steps to Take

MP USA’s Family Martial Arts Program is a great way to start building children’s intrapersonal skills through martial arts training. We provide open enrollment options twice per month, and you’ll get a free evaluation along with a 3-lesson trial series to ensure a good fit. Even better, you’ll also have the opportunity to train alongside your children. Nemour says parental involvement is huge! “The martial arts style that a child adopts should be influenced by the parents,” she said. “It will, of course, be convenient if the child can practice with, or at least in the same school as, the parents.“

Extending far beyond convenience are the additional benefits of children learning together with their parents. Here are ten benefits children can enjoy when they participate in Merpati Putih with their parents:

  • Better parent/child bonding
  • Reduced risk of involvement in dangerous or antisocial activities
  • Fewer behavior problems
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Better social skills and interpersonal relationships
  • More inclination to serve others
  • Lower stress levels
  • A healthier lifestyle
  • Better academic performance
  • Positive parenting skills for their futures

If our Family Martial Arts Program sounds like something you’d like to explore, we invite you to contact us TODAY to see for yourself just what a difference MP USA can make in your family’s life!

Family Martial Arts Classes at MP USA
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