Where Can I find the Best Low-Impact Fitness Program in Northern Utah?

Low-Impact Fitness Program in Northern Utah

Martial arts is not all grappling and striking. Of course, there are plenty of sparring sessions in our Athletic Adventure Program. However, we also offer options for people interested in getting fit without the stress that high-impact workouts can put on the body. For these individuals, we have created a low-impact fitness program in Northern Utah called Wealth of Health.

What Is Wealth of Health?

Low-Impact Fitness Program in Northern UtahThe Wealth of Health program at MP USA combines all of the benefits of breathwork, meditation, calisthenics, aerobics, tai chi, Pilates, and yoga into one class that meets for two hours per week. And, to keep the progress going, we recommend students spend about ten minutes each day at home performing assigned exercises and motions. In total, that is about a three-hour, low-impact commitment to get into the best shape of your life.

This is in line with the level of activity recommended by the Surgeon General of the United States. They recommend physical activity to maintain a healthy body weight or reduce weight, reduce depression and stress, and strengthen muscles and bones. Other benefits include lower rates of cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

How Does the Wealth of Health Program Work?

Low-Impact Fitness Program in Northern UtahThe Wealth of Health program was adapted from MP USA’s flagship Athletic Adventure Program. But rather than engaging in the high-impact, high-intensity training of that program, Wealth of Health is geared toward individuals who are not interested in martial arts training. Instead, it focuses on helping students control the energies that are traveling through their bodies, learn fast-working meditations, increase flexibility, and get in outstanding shape.

Originally, Wealth of Health was designed as a low-impact breathwork and exercise course for adults 40 years of age and over, but we have since opened it up to anyone over the age of 9. Regardless of age, Utahns will achieve new potentials and reach new performance heights once they enroll in and attend these classes.

At an affordable price, the Wealth of Health program can help with your low-impact fitness goals. For instance, elite endurance athletes may be interested in the course for an incredible VO2 max, better anaerobic and aerobic capacity, and increased stamina. It’s also helpful for people who want to heal from a chronic condition or injury. You will also benefit from WoH if you are just out of shape and want to get healthier and lose fat.

What to Expect

Low-Impact Fitness Program in Northern UtahWealth of Health students typically begin to notice a deeper sense of wellness and inner peace, lowered blood pressure, and increases in their calmness, endurance, and energy after just a few classes. In fact, members have reported relief or improvements from the following conditions: depression, migraines, tendonitis, hypertension, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, stiff joints, back pain, the flu, colds, allergies, asthma, and more.

Of course, we cannot make any sort of medical guarantees, and the results will vary based on the individual. However, you can use Wealth of Health to improve yourself and be in charge of your own healing.

Join Us in March and April

Low-Impact Fitness Program in Northern UtahOn Wednesday nights in March, we will be hosting introductory classes for the Wealth of Health program from 7 to 9 pm. The fee is just $10. Intro classes are not required, but they are a great way to experience the classes before you sign up for a full semester. There are six- and twelve-month programs depending on how much you want to improve. The next semester begins in April. If you are interested in taking part in MP USA’s low-impact fitness program in Northern Utah, give us a call at 866-666-7872, option 1.

Low-Impact Fitness Program in Northern Utah

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