Can Kids Martial Arts Classes Help with Brain Development?

You must have mental and physical focus to train in traditional martial arts. This is opposed to the modern studios that are more interested in fighting and competition. MP USA teaches the traditional martial art of Merpati Putih, which emphasizes overall character and skill development with movement patterning. We basically teach a holistic synergy of mind, body, and spirit. Below, we will look at the research that demonstrates that martial arts classes, like those we offer in Ogden Utah, enhance brain development.

How Do Martial Arts Classes Help with Brain Development?

Martial Arts Classes Help with Brain DevelopmentThe research shows that martial arts training produces widespread benefits resulting in psychological and physiological gains in kids. Just looking at the psychological benefits, there is plenty of evidence that supports the role of martial arts in developing the mental capabilities of youngsters. For instance, researchers have observed boosts in math abilities, perseverance, inhibitory control, and self-control.

Martial arts students develop greater assertiveness, emotional stability, and autonomy. These characteristics are instrumental in a whole array of positive outcomes. And, children will experience benefits throughout their life from the positive responses to physical challenges and improvements in self-esteem that are inherent in Merpati Putih training.

How Martial Arts Help with Mental Health

Martial Arts Classes Help with Brain DevelopmentThe list of health advantages afforded by martial arts training continues to grow. In youth, it has been shown to reduce depression and anxiety. And, with the reduction of impulsivity, it boosts concentration and focus. In fact, studies show that it helps assuage the symptoms associated with ADHD, an increasingly prevalent problem afflicting today’s youth.

There are multiple reports that found that the meditation training found in traditional martial arts, including Merpati Putih, contributed to a reduction in aggression Teachers also rate martial arts students as less aggressive and impulsive. One of the main results of long-term martial arts training is the enhancement of assertiveness and concentration. These are behaviors controlled by the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that is not completely developed until around 25 years old. Though, martial arts students tend to develop the behaviors earlier on.

How to Achieve the Psychological Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes Help with Brain DevelopmentStudies support the causal link between brain development, especially in the prefrontal cortical area, and regular physical activity. Physical activity acts by enhancing the production of neurotrophins, which leads to improvements in cognitive performance. This effect is especially strong in the parts of the brain that control planning as well as selecting strategies that control and regulate goal-directed behaviors.

Since martial arts require the memorization of movements, the connections in the brain are strengthened directly. Your child’s sophisticated cognitive abilities improve as training refines the cortical connection network.

Let Merpati Putih Help

Martial Arts Classes Help with Brain DevelopmentMP USA is the only studio in the Western Hemisphere that has been approved by the Indonesian Royal Family to teach their sacred martial art of Merpati Putih. And, we have classes specifically designed for kids. We take a holistic approach helping children develop their brains, bodies, and spirits. And, our training does not stop at our doors. We have each of our students take home a chore sheet that they must fill out and bring back to show that they are making good decisions at home.

Right now, we are offering 50% off the Youth Martial Arts intro classes. These are three classes that take place Monday through Wednesday from 5 pm to 5:45 pm. Included in the program is a uniform. And after the successful completion of the three classes, your child will earn a white belt. If you are interested in youth martial arts in Ogden, Utah for your young one between the ages of six and fourteen, contact MP USA today.

Martial Arts Classes Help with Brain Development

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