Kid and Adult Martial Arts Classes

Keep Kids Motivated to Practice Martial Arts

Tips for Parents to Keep Kids Motivated to Practice Martial Arts

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Some kids have incredible self-motivation. You just point them in the right direction, and they will strive to achieve excellence. Other youngsters require a fair amount of prodding to try new things and stick with them. If this sounds familiar to you, you might find these tips for parents to keep kids motivated to practice martial arts helpful: Help Kids to Set Goals When you don’t have a goal, you lack direction, and any work you do will be unfulfilling. By helping your child set goals, you give them direction and make their time in martial arts classes more enjoyable….

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Martial Arts Classes Help with Brain Development

5 Ways Martial Arts Classes at MP USA Teaches Kids How to Avoid Procrastination

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You ask your youngster early in the day to complete a chore before supper time. They clearly acknowledge you, but rather than getting the task out of the way so they can enjoy the rest of their day, they leave it for later. And, when the family sits down for dinner, the job still isn’t complete. Procrastination is common among teens, tweens, and other young ones these days. Here are some ways that MP USA teaches kids how to avoid procrastination. 1. Work before Play When you give young people the choice…

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What is the difference between Kung Fu and Martial Arts?

What is the Difference Between Kung Fu and other Martial Arts?

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There is a lot of research cataloging the benefits of engaging in kung fu and other martial arts practices. From self-defense to self-esteem, joining a dojo or studio can have a positive lasting impact on your life. However, with so many options out there, it’s hard to know which style is the best. To help you with this decision, we’re going to answer the question: what is the difference between kung fu and other martial arts? What Is Kung Fu? There are several types of martial art forms that fall under the umbrella term “kung fu.” But, the term is…

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Youth Martial Arts

Where Can I Find The Best Kids Martial Arts Program Near Me in Ogden Utah

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Bullying, peer pressure, drugs, obesity, video games, the Internet, television. These are just a few of the many risks that children are susceptible to these days. As parents, it is our job to provide our kids with the tools they need to make smart choices that protect their mind, body, and spirit. Unfortunately, with many of us working long hours, it’s hard to find the energy to teach important values. Parents are increasingly turning to martial arts for help instilling virtues in their youngsters. Below, we will look at how children can benefit from martial arts training, and we will…

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How Belts in Martial Arts Teach Kids About Setting Goals

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One of the best development tools known to man is the martial arts belt system. However, it must be used correctly to lead to true development. There are plenty of obstacles along the way to success in the real world. Youngsters need to know that achieving their desired result or goal requires surmounting these obstacles. Below, we will look at how belts in martial arts teach kids about setting goals. What Do Kids Learn from Belts in Martial Arts? The martial arts belt system teaches youngsters how to set goals, how to attain them, and what the results of these…

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Why Choose MP USA for Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

6 Reasons MP USA is the Number One Family Martial Arts Studio in Ogden Utah!

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There is a virtually endless list of mental and physical benefits to training in a martial art. Yet, when you leave the martial arts studio, the lessons taught inside do not just go away. What you learn through Merpati Putih can be used in all aspects of your life. So, why choose our family martial arts studio in Ogden Utah? Here is a short list of some of the reasons: 1. Nurture Lifelong Friendships We have been socialized to believe that fighting and physical violence are only used when dealing with an enemy. However, in the controlled atmosphere of the…

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