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Empowering Children to Excel in School Through Martial Arts Training

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It’s that time again! School shopping. Back-to-school night. Sign-ups for the PTA. As you’re helping your children prepare for the 2019-2020 school year, we’d like you to consider something you might not be familiar with. Today’s conversation is about empowering children to excel in school through martial arts training. Huh? At MP USA, we can link ANYTHING to martial arts, including the zombie apocalypse! Because we’re so passionate about the value of Merpati Putih, the Indonesian martial art we practice, it’s easy for us to explain how the skills we teach in our Ogden, Utah studio can cross-apply to the…

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Indonesian Martial Arts for Kids in Ogden Utah

Empowering Future Female Leaders Through Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

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When it comes to providing extracurricular opportunities for their children, today’s parents have more options than we can count. From dance classes, music lessons and gymnastics to science camps, scouting and organized sports, the list goes on! At MP USA, our favorite enrichment activity for kids is, of course, martial arts. As its popularity continues to increase, its benefits are becoming more well known, especially for young girls. If you want to raise a strong, confident daughter, we’d love to help. Our conversation today is about empowering future female leaders through martial arts in Ogden Utah. How Girls Benefit From…

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best kids martial arts program near me in Ogden Utah

Martial Arts Classes for Girls in Ogden: Why It’s Important!

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The capacity for self-defense is the most important reason girls should get involved in martial arts. A sad fact in modern culture is that women are frequently the target of sexual assault. This can scar a young lady for the entirety of her life. Do not let your daughter become a statistic. As girls grow up, the ability to defend themselves is an invaluable tool. It is a skill that your daughter can take with her to college, and it will help you and her rest easy. Today, we will look at several other reasons why martial arts classes for…

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