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5 Daily Practices That Help Us Overcome Fear

5 Daily Practices That Help Us Overcome Fear

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Watch the news for 30 seconds, and you’ll see that we live in a scary world. Crime. Violence. Natural disaster. Political unrest. The list goes on…And the fear gets personal when we’re confronted with close-to-home challenges such as health problems or financial woes. It’s easy to get caught up in wondering, “What am I going to do?” Do you have this thought often? If so, don’t worry. Today, we’re going to share 5 daily practices that help us overcome fear. What Is Fear? Psychology Today defines fear as, “an emotional response induced by a perceived threat, which causes a change…

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Indonesian Martial Arts for Kids in Ogden Utah

Empowering Future Female Leaders Through Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

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When it comes to providing extracurricular opportunities for their children, today’s parents have more options than we can count. From dance classes, music lessons and gymnastics to science camps, scouting and organized sports, the list goes on! At MP USA, our favorite enrichment activity for kids is, of course, martial arts. As its popularity continues to increase, its benefits are becoming more well known, especially for young girls. If you want to raise a strong, confident daughter, we’d love to help. Our conversation today is about empowering future female leaders through martial arts in Ogden Utah. How Girls Benefit From…

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How Belts in Martial Arts Teach Kids About Setting Goals

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One of the best development tools known to man is the martial arts belt system. However, it must be used correctly to lead to true development. There are plenty of obstacles along the way to success in the real world. Youngsters need to know that achieving their desired result or goal requires surmounting these obstacles. Below, we will look at how belts in martial arts teach kids about setting goals. What Do Kids Learn from Belts in Martial Arts? The martial arts belt system teaches youngsters how to set goals, how to attain them, and what the results of these…

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Youth Martial Arts

Youth Martial Arts at MP USA in Ogden Utah focus on Character Development

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Character development is crucial in the growth of every youngster. As a parent, you not only need to make sure that your son or daughter stays healthy physically, but you also have to ensure they have a strong character. Proper education is the best way to impart good character building skills. Yet, not all of this education is in the school classroom. Martial arts programs teach your kid how to develop a sound character along with valuable lifesaving skills. Below, we will look at why you should sign your child up for youth martial arts at MP USA in Ogden…

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good age for my kids to start martial arts classes

The Best Place for Martial Arts for Kids in Ogden UT

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Video games are a lot of fun. With minimal effort, you can sit in front of a TV for hours and remain fairly entertained. Of course, this is great until your child finds they are in their early twenties, in bad health, and have few social outlets. This is a stereotype, of course, but it is all too common in modern America. MP USA does not want to see our newest generation fall to the wayside. That is one of the main reasons why we offer martial arts for kids in Ogden UT. Today, we will look at how your…

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