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Impossible Martial Arts Movie Feats Are Real

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We invite you to set the stage for today’s discussion with a little Mission Impossible music! We can see some amazing things on the big screen, that’s for sure. There are some pretty incredible things we can see outside of Hollywood, too! Today, we’d like to demonstrate how several impossible martial arts movie feats are real! First, let’s bust a myth! Does Martial Arts Turn People Into Bullies? This question comes up often in conversations about martial arts. After all, the martial artists we see in the movies are serious forces to be reckoned with, and they can inflict some…

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Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

Meditation and Martial Arts: How Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden Utah Is Different

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When you think of martial arts, you may envision sweaty people sparring and repetitively practicing movements on mats. Martial arts benefits may appear to only be physical in nature with some improved discipline sprinkled in. However, with Merpati Putih martial arts in Ogden, Utah, meditation and martial arts combine to strengthen the mind-body-spirit balance. Why Meditation Is Important The vocational, psychological, and physical benefits of meditation are many. Psychologically, when you meditate, it helps you to be more confident in yourself. It also guides you in your personal growth. People who meditate have more control over their anger and are calmer…

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Unique Martial Arts Programs in Northern Utah

Unique Martial Arts Programs in Northern Utah

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There is a handful of different forms of martial arts that seem to get all of the publicity thanks to celebrities, movies, and other media portrayals. Many of these disciplines receive the spotlight for good reason. However, there are several martial arts styles that are just now gaining mainstream acceptance in the United States. One of these is Merpati Putih. We believe these are truly unique martial arts programs in Northern Utah. Until the 1960s, no one outside of the Indonesian Royal Family knew anything about Merpati Putih. Then, as a gift to the people who were bogged down in…

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