Why Choose Our Martial Arts Studio in Ogden Utah?

Martial Arts Studio in Ogden Utah

When you are searching for a martial arts studio in Ogden Utah, you should use the same approach you would for finding a school for yourself or your child. Use the same modern-day scrutiny of teachers, facilities, and professionalism. Below, we will discuss what you should look for in a martial arts school, and why Merpati Putih USA (MP USA) should be your top choice.

What to Look for in a Martial Arts School

Best Martial Arts Studio in Ogden UtahOne of the main features you should look at when searching for a martial arts school is their facilities. First of all, do they have a space? If so, is it clean and organized? You will probably be disappointed with their services if their venue is a mess. At MP USA, we have a clean, dedicated facility on Wall Avenue in Ogden.

A martial arts school is only as good as its instructors. A good one will take interest in why you joined the studio and work with you to help you achieve your goals. You will love your martial arts training if you find the right teacher. Nate and Mike Zeleznick have been teaching Merpati Putih for more than a decade and a half. They are skilled at evaluating your abilities and helping you to maximize your outcomes.

You will also want to choose a studio with several advanced and intermediate students. This tells you that the instructors are skilled at keeping students motivated. This is another area where we excel.

Merpati Putih Martial Arts Studio in Ogden UtahTrust your instincts if you get a bad feeling from the staff, students, or instructors or if they just rub you the wrong way. The school is worth a second look if they demonstrate a strong positive vibe that makes you feel welcome and comfortable. MP USA wants everyone to enjoy their experience.That is why we have so many different programs and custom approaches for training individual students.

We Have Programs that Fit Your Needs

MP USA offers a broad range of programs that cater to people of all abilities, ages, genders, and commitment levels. Our programs include:

Martial Arts Self Defense Classes in Ogden UTWomen’s Ultimate Personal Protection and Street Survival (WUPPASS) Events – We do not like the fact that nearly one out of every three women in Utah is sexually assaulted in her lifetime. To combat this, we teach classes that help women protect themselves. Our workshops have helped over 1,000 women.

Wealth of Health – Though adults of all ages can take advantage of this program, it was developed for adults 40 years of age and over. The program is geared toward helping individuals learn meditations, get in the best shape of their life, and boost their flexibility.

Athletic Adventure Program – This is our flagship program designed to teach you everything Merpati Putih has to offer. You will learn incredibly adaptable self-defense, deep mind-body-spirit connection, movement artistry, life-energy awareness and control, and much more.

Youth Martial Arts – While providing intense physical fitness and life-saving skills, our youth programs teach kids courage, leadership, respect, confidence, integrity, manners, and discipline. These classes are geared toward children aged six to fourteen.

Participate in One of Our Many Events

Martial Arts Events in Ogden UtahAnother reason you should choose our martial arts studio in Ogden, UT is that we always have special events going on. This allows you to try out Merpati Putih before committing. For instance, we are currently wrapping up our March Energy Fitness Classes designed to give you a taste of our Wealth of Health program. Our next event is an April 8th WUPPASS workshop that will teach ladies twelve and older to defend themselves. Get our latest event information by visiting and liking our Facebook page.

If you are looking for the best martial arts studio in Ogden Utah, contact MP USA today to learn more!

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