Why Consider Martial Arts Self Defense Classes in Ogden UT?

Why Women Should Practice Martial Arts

Is there anything that feels better than knowing that you can financially, physically, and mentally take care of yourself? We don’t think so. For many women, being able to physically take care of yourself just means exercising and staying physically fit. However, if you have ever been assaulted, you know this is not enough. You should also consider taking martial arts self-defense classes in Ogden UT.

Reasons Why You Need Martial Arts Self Defense Classes

Martial Arts Self Defense Classes in Ogden UTResearch shows that one in three women in Utah will be assaulted at some point in their life. You need to be prepared for this. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need martial arts self-defense classes:

Develop a Fighter’s Reflex – Movement is power in a fight. You have to move rather than just stand around and wait for your attacker’s strike. You will gain a fighter’s reflex as you take self-defense classes. This will allow you to move smartly and quickly in an attack situation. You will know where to throw punches and where to step.

Improve Your Street Awareness – You will become more aware of your surroundings when you take martial arts self-defense classes. You will learn to think about where you might be attacked and where your attacker could be lurking.

Women's Martial Arts Self Defense Classes in Ogden UTDevelop a Warrior Spirit – That last thing you want is to get in a van with your assailant. Self-defense classes get you ready for battle and survival. You will develop a warrior spirit that will prevent a kidnapping.

Build Self-Confidence – The way you feel after your self-defense classes is perhaps the biggest benefit. You may not feel like you can defend yourself before you take classes, but afterward, you will be confident in your ability to stop an attacker.

Improve Your Physical Conditioning – When it comes to self-defense, physical conditioning is crucial. When a situation arises that may require you to fight, training and practicing prepare you for the adrenalin dump.

Work on Your Balance – We have worked with enough people to know that balance is not everyone’s strong suit. You can improve your focus with improved balance, and martial arts self-defense classes can help with this. It is almost impossible to fight without balance, so if you are one of those people who cannot walk and chew gum at the same time, consider joining us for one of our workshops.

Why Choose MP USA?

Self Defense Martial Arts Classes in Ogden UTAt MP USA, we have a long track record of women’s empowerment. Through the specific principles of Merpati Putih, we have been teaching women of all ages to evade, engage, and disable attackers for more than a decade. We are endorsed by the Ogden and Salt Lake Rape Recovery Centers. Plus, we have held workshops for or in support of the following organizations:

• Academy Mortgage
• Salt Lake Board of Realtors
• Ogden YCC
• Equity Real Estate
• Layton Kiwanis Club
• Northern Utah Women’s Conference

Since 2003, we have helped over 800 individuals. We host a number of Women’s Ultimate Personal Protection And Street Survival (WUPPASS) events. Our most popular option is our Women’s Empowerment Workshops. We do not simply tell you “if this happens, then do this.” Instead, our specialists will teach you an entire arsenal of principles that you can use in just about any situation.

No matter your size, athletic ability, or age, you can learn to escape an assault, permanently disable an attacker, and feel safer and more confident everywhere you go. We offer our workshops twice a year at our facilities, and the next event is Saturday, April 8th. If you are interested in learning more about martial arts self-defense classes in Ogden UT, contact MP USA today.

Learn About Martial Arts Self Defense Classes in Ogden UT

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