Have You Checked Out Our Videos of Martial Arts in Ogden UT?

Videos of Martial Arts in Ogden UT

What does Merpati Putih look like? We can write all day until our hands are sore about what MP is like, but it will never compare to us showing you. And, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos are worth millions. So, in today’s blog, we will introduce you to a few of our most popular videos of martial arts in Ogden UT.

Our Demonstration at the MP 50th Anniversary

Videos of Martial Arts in Ogden UT

In 1963, Merpati Putih, the martial art of the Indonesian Royal Family, was first released to the Indonesian public after centuries of secrecy. In March of 2013, Nehemia Budi Setyawan, the twelfth generation heir to MP, coordinated an event in Jakarta to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the introduction of MP to the people.

The event marked the first time ever that an American team demonstrated at an MP anniversary event. With more than 4,000 MP members in attendance, MP USA kicked off the festivities. Our trainers and founders brought American style and innovations to this epic event.

Among the highlights in the video are staff form, empty hand form, and kudi form demonstrations. The kudi is a sharp, curved blade weapon that is specific to MP. Additionally, our co-founder Mike Zeleznick set a new world record in the MP system with a 25 iron bar break. Again, we can tell you all about how amazing it was, but you really have to see it for yourself to believe it. Please take the ten minutes needed to watch the video, and enjoy the tunes!

Vibravision Demonstration

Vibravision is a specific skill within MP that is used by Kopassus, Indonesia’s most elite commando paratroopers, in HALO jumps, on active night missions, and in many live-fire training exercises. Plus, for many years, search-and-rescue operations in Indonesia have used it. The Vibravision program focuses on the development of intuition and heightened senses to the point where eyesight is no longer needed by a skilled practitioner to perceive their surroundings.

In March of last year, we put on a demo of this skill for an audience who had never seen an MP USA demo before and who had no affiliation with us. Volunteers from the crowd could inspect our blindfolds to make sure they were sufficient for completely blocking out all visual stimuli. Once it was proved that this was the real deal, our demonstrators showed how shapes and colors could be detected and how obstacles could be avoided with Vibravision’s enhanced human perception. Check it out:

Demo at the Infinite Possibilities Higher Consciousness Expo

You have seen how skilled our trainers and founders are at MP and what is possible with Vibravision. Now, we will show you MP demos from some of our students. For the past few years, we have participated in the Infinite Possibilities Higher Consciousness Expo. These events showcase the best spiritual workers and martial artists in Northern Utah. We are always honored to receive an invite to show new crowds the power of MP.

The crowds always enjoy it when we break stuff, and we did not disappoint. You can see we have students of all ages, walks of life, and levels of MP demonstrating their skills and having a blast doing so. Sometimes, our students are not able to break the strong iron bars on their first try, but they stick with it. Perseverance and coolness under pressure are just a couple of the abilities MP teaches.

Do these videos of martial arts in Ogden UT have you chomping at the bit to get involved in MP? If so, contact MP USA today to sign up for classes.

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