Health Benefits of Group Exercise at MP USA in Ogden Utah

Health Benefits of Group Exercise at MP USA in Ogden Utah

How many times have you heard someone wish out loud for a workout partner?

“If only I had someone to go to the gym with me…”

“If only I had a walking buddy…”

“If only I could take a class…”

“If only…then I know I’d exercise more!”

Turns out, it’s true. We do exercise more when we aren’t going it alone, and we also achieve better health and fitness outcomes. That’s why we’re so excited to share the health benefits of group exercise at MP USA in Ogden Utah.

Why Group Exercise Is So GreatHealth Benefits of Group Exercise at MP USA in Ogden Utah

A recent Healthline article we highly recommend provides a useful summary of the health benefits people enjoy when they exercise in groups. These include advantages such as improved physical, emotional and mental health and decreased stress levels. Group exercise can also positively impact athletic performance, improve social bonding and increase pain tolerance (Radcliffe, 2017).

The correlation between group exercise and greater pain tolerance is based on a 2012 study published in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. The study’s researchers compared 24 people who used indoor rowing machines in 45-minute intervals, both in individual and group settings. Based on their findings, the study’s authors concluded that participants had significantly higher pain tolerance after working out in a group setting versus exercising alone.

“Researchers think the increased tolerance to pain may stem from a greater release of endorphins — the ‘feel good’ hormones — due to people getting in sync with one another while exercising,” Radcliffe wrote in reference to the study. “This kind of coordinated movement is known as behavioral synchrony.”

Getting In Sync at MP USAHealth Benefits of Group Exercise at MP USA in Ogden Utah

The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology defines behavioral synchrony as “physically keeping together in time with others,” and it can be achieved in music, dance, military drills, prayer — and in the martial arts programs available at MP USA.

Although participants in our programs may not be familiar with the science behind behavioral synchrony, they definitely enjoy its benefits. All of MP USA’s programs are group driven, which means they are built on a foundation of professional instruction and social support that leads to individual growth and personal achievement. Our focus is YOUR potential, and we recognize how a spirit of unity creates the best training environment.

“MP USA has been so good for our family,” said Alan Warren, whose 12-year-old son trains in our youth martial arts program and also in Vibravision. “I can see how in-step our son is with the group, and he’s also becoming a more confident, capable individual. Physically, emotionally and socially, he’s developing skills he will use for the rest of his life.”

Learn More TodayMartial Arts Practices at MP USA

If you’d like to enjoy the health benefits of group exercise at MP USA in Ogden, Utah, we invite you to learn more about our programs. We offer martial arts classes for youth and adults, a Wealth of Health Fitness Program for pre-teens through seniors and an Ultimate Personal Protection Program for women. We are also the only licensed and accredited center in North or South America to offer Vibravision, a unique training method that allows us to “hack the brain” and create internal visual images using input from non-visual senses.

It’s so empowering to get in sync! As you train your mind and body at MP USA, you can experience a life-changing synergy that turns your “if only’s” into incredible results.

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