How Children Benefit From Learning Together With Their Parents

How Children Benefit From Learning Together With Their Parents

We talk a lot at MP USA about the benefits of doing martial arts as a family. Today, let’s take the conversation a step further to discuss specifically how children benefit from learning together with their parents.

Think of it this way. A parent is a child’s first teacher, and a child’s first learning is play. Throughout our lives, we continue to learn through formal education, extracurricular activities and life experiences, and study after study reinforces the pivotal roles parents play in helping their children succeed. From early childhood development and academics to social learning and self-determination, we’re becoming more informed as a society about how “children from birth to adulthood need time and attention from their parents.”

This quote comes from Dr. Gail Fernandez, a board-certified child psychiatrist who serves as a professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the UC Irvine School of Medicine. In discussing the importance of family time, Dr. Fernandez writes about how spending quality time together is the “first vital step toward successful parenting.”

“Family time should be a fun and enjoyable way to raise healthy and happy children that love and feel loved,” she wrote in an article for the Child Development Institute. “Then the child will know that they ‘matter’ and this will be reflected in their life choices.”

When families practice martial arts together in our Ogden, UT martial arts academy, we get to experience helping children know how much they matter first-hand. We also get to see parents and children deepen their relationships as they develop new skills side-by-side in an enriching, nurturing environment.

Why Family Time Is Central to SuccessFamily Martial Arts Classes Ogden Utah

A May 2016 article published by Fort Magic outlines 10 benefits of family time that reinforce the unnamed author’s message of “families that play together stay together.”

“Family time builds confidence, teaches children about interacting with others, and create wonderful memories that last a lifetime,” the article said. “…Remember that ‘love’ is really spelled T-I-M-E.”

Here are ten benefits children can enjoy when they participate in martial arts at Merpati Putih with their parents:

  • Better parent/child bonding
  • Reduced risk of involvement in dangerous or antisocial activities
  • Fewer behavior problems
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • Better social skills and interpersonal relationships
  • More inclination to serve others
  • Lower stress levels
  • A healthier lifestyle
  • Better academic performance
  • Positive parenting skills for their futures

How to Make It HappenWhy Choose MP USA for Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

Today’s families are seeing the need and importance of spending more time together. Gina Shaw, a reporter with WebMD, says “making the good life together” is all about the connections we make. “Whether you’re eating dinner, going for a nature walk, or holding a family karaoke night,” she writes, “spending time together builds healthy families and healthy kids.” We couldn’t agree more!

We can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want to experience these advantages! And opportunities are everywhere – including here at MP USA! If you’re looking for a great way to personally discover how children benefit from learning together with their parents, we invite you to consider MP USA’s new family program. Classes begin on January 2, 2019, and we are currently accepting advanced registration. For more information, please call 1-866-666-7872 or text the keyword “MPUSA” to 26786.Family Martial Arts Classes at MP USA

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