How Moving Meditation Improves Fitness and Wellness

How Moving Meditation Improves Fitness and Wellness

Martial arts does not always have to be about defending oneself against an attacker or engaging in other high-impact activities. It can also feature calming movements that put your mind and body at ease. Two of the most popular forms of martial arts that focus on slow, precise motions are tai chi and qigong. However, Merpati Putih also features a low-impact element that strengthens your mind-body-spirit connection. Today, we are going to look at this as well as how moving meditation improves fitness and wellness.

What Is Moving Meditation?

How Moving Meditation Improves Fitness and WellnessBefore we define moving meditation, it’s important to first understand what meditation is. There are countless definitions out there, but for our purposes, we will consider meditation to be the release of thoughts that are filling up your head. It teaches you to just exist in the moment. Clearing your mind takes an extraordinary amount of mental control. In order to master meditation, you typically have to practice quite a bit.

As the name suggests, moving meditation helps quiet your mind’s racing thoughts through movement. When you are engaged in seated meditation, you might have a difficult time calming your mind since you don’t have a focal point. Moving meditation fixes this. Most people find it easier to achieve mental focus when they are moving and working off excess energy.

How Does Moving Meditation Help Your Overall Wellbeing?

How Moving Meditation Improves Fitness and WellnessCoping with anxiety and stress is one of the major benefits of moving meditation. Practices such as yoga, tai chi, qigong, and our Wealth of Health program all lend themselves well to moving meditation because they are closely associated with breath and mental control. You may be surprised to hear that even running could be a form of moving meditation as long as you are focused on what you feel as your body moves and as you breathe. The movement is there to quiet the thoughts in your head. You become present mentally as you let go of the future and the past.

You start to feel more at peace and calmer as you learn to control your thoughts. As you spend time being mentally present, you will feel happier after your Wealth of Health classes or other moving meditation sessions. These benefits will seep into all aspects of your daily life. And, you will also find that seated meditation will become less difficult. When you begin to worry about things you can’t control, you will notice right away that the thoughts are not helpful. And, instead, you will learn to quiet the thoughts and direct them to the present moment.

Join One of Our Energy Intro Courses in June

How Moving Meditation Improves Fitness and WellnessNow that you understand how moving meditation improves fitness and wellness, why not give it a try? At MP USA, we have adapted our flagship Athletic Adventure Program to provide health benefits for people of all ages. Our Wealth of Health program was originally designed as a low-impact, moving meditation alternative for adults over the age of 40, but we have since opened it up to anyone 10 years or older. Since the program was introduced more than a decade ago, many students have experienced amazing results from just one two-hour class per week and ten minutes per day at home.

On Wednesday nights June 13th, 20th, and 27th, we are offering Energy Intro courses, which are designed to introduce you to our Wealth of Health program before committing to a semester. Classes are $10 each and last from 7 to 9 pm.

If you are near Ogden, Utah and would like to take part in our Energy Intro classes, you can register online or contact MP USA at 866-666-7872 opt. 1 for more information.

How Moving Meditation Improves Fitness and Wellness

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