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We invite you to set the stage for today’s discussion with a little Mission Impossible music! We can see some amazing things on the big screen, that’s for sure. There are some pretty incredible things we can see outside of Hollywood, too! Today, we’d like to demonstrate how several impossible martial arts movie feats are real! First, let’s bust a myth!

Does Martial Arts Turn People Into Bullies?

Keep Kids Motivated to Practice Martial Arts

This question comes up often in conversations about martial arts. After all, the martial artists we see in the movies are serious forces to be reckoned with, and they can inflict some serious damage! What happens when the guys with the skills aren’t the good guys?

Thankfully, as Century Martial Arts in Oklahoma City points out, bullying is contradictory to the values that govern martial arts practice. “Not only does martial arts emphasize non-violent problem solving (except as a last resort), the values they instill in children are all contradictory to bullying,” Century’s blogger, Sarah Lobban, writes. “The physical activity also provides an outlet for rowdy children, making it less likely that they will act up elsewhere, like at school or around younger siblings.”

Lobban also dispels four additional martial arts myths. Read her post to learn more about the following topics:

  • Martial arts AREN’T just about kicking and punching
  • Training in martial arts isn’t a setup for major injuries
  • There are more benefits to training than learning to compete and fight
  • Martial arts usually looks much different in the movies than in real life

Some of the movie magic, however, isn’t completely far-fetched, and MP USA is a great place to bring out your own ninja warrior!!

Can Martial Artists Walk On Water?

Mas Nate Zeleznick in Indonesia

In one scene of the 1985 movie Remo Williams, the character Chiun, played by Joel Grey, runs across the water to escape enemy soldiers. In September 2015, a Chinese Shaolin monk named Shi Liliang ran across the water too, breaking a world record for the furthest distance traversed over a liquid surface.

“Built around a strict daily routine of exercise, contemplation, and lessons on Buddhism, Shaolin monks often challenge themselves to complete incredibly difficult tasks requiring months of highly repetitive training,” reported the Daily Mail.

Liliang’s training allowed him to travel more than 125 meters on water. “Describing his technique, Shi Liliang told reporters that the discipline required both speed and patience, adding,  ‘You need to be fast but you should take only small steps.’”

Can a Ninja Catch Arrows?

Impossible Martial Arts Movie Feats Are Real

In the television show Arrow, (Season 1 Episode 22) the Dark Archer catches an arrow and throws it back at high speed. Perhaps the Dark Archer developed his skills by watching martial artist Anthony Kelly, whose amazing reflexes earned him international acclaim as an arrow-catching Ninja – and a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.  See it for yourself!

Can a Person Break Wood From 1-inch Away?

The “Escape From the Grave” scene in Kill Bill Volume 2 has been the topic of more than one episode of Mythbusters. Did you know that the one-inch punch demonstrated in the scene also has a basis in science? The strike was first made famous by Bruce Lee and, as Popular Mechanics explains, it’s all about mind over matter.  

“While the biomechanics behind the powerful blow certainly aren’t trivial,” writes William Herkewitz, “the punch owes far more to brain structure than to raw strength.”

Why? Because practicing martial arts can make measurable changes to brain structure! During a 2012 study conducted at London College, researchers found that “karate experts can punch much harder than normal, untrained people” because the white matter in their brains is “beefed up” in a manner that allows their brains to make “more abundant, more complex cell connections.”

Can People See Their Surroundings Without Having Eyesight?

When one of Marvel’s most popular superheroes, Matt Murdock (a.k.a. Daredevil) was blinded by a radioactive substance, his remaining senses were heightened to let him “see” with supernatural ability. Lori Dorn with Laughing Squid provides a great scientific explanation to how Daredevil’s powers work, and you can actually experience this phenomenon for yourself as a student of Vibravision at MP USA.

“Daredevil can smell and hear and feel more of the world than we can, and it’s the combinations of all of his senses that let him fight crime,” writes Dorn.

When you study Vibravision, you probably won’t be fighting crime. You CAN, however, experience first-hand how impossible martial arts movie feats are real as you become a real-life Jedi using martial arts practices. Are you ready to learn more? What will your superpower be? Contact MP USA today! Lights! Camera! Action!

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