Indonesian Martial Arts programs for Adults in Ogden Utah

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Martial arts from China and Japan tend to get all of the media attention these days. This is because practices like karate, judo, taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, and others have been available to the public for centuries and are prominently featured in movies and TV shows. Indonesia’s offerings are just now starting to enter the spotlight. Below, we will look at the history of these disciplines and discuss Indonesian martial arts programs for adults in Ogden Utah.

What Are Indonesian Martial Arts?

Indonesian Martial Arts programs for Adults in Ogden UtahIndonesian martial arts are known as bela-diri, which literally translates to “self-defense.” And, the term Pencak Silat was coined to refer to any martial arts coming from Indonesia. Under this umbrella, there are dozens of disciplines, including Tarung Derajat, caci, and kuntao.

Merpati Putih is unique in that it is the martial art of the Indonesian royal family. And, until the 1960s, only members of the royal family were able to practice it. However, during a time of civil unrest, the royal family decided to go public with MP to help average citizens defend themselves. Today, there are more than a million practitioners of MP in Indonesia. And, MP USA is the only school in the Western Hemisphere that has been certified to teach this martial art.

How Adults Can Benefit from Indonesian Martial Arts

Indonesian Martial Arts programs for Adults in Ogden UtahWhen you hear about the benefits of martial arts, it’s typically referring to how they can help youngsters develop the discipline and values they need to become upstanding adults. However, one could argue that the benefits of Merpati Putih are even greater for adults, who tend to get into a sedentary rut later in life. Martial arts are sure to lift you out of that rut.

One of the main benefits that people don’t tend to think about is the social outlet that martial arts provide. It gets harder to make friends as you age, but when you sign up for martial arts classes, you meet people from all walks of life and share a dedication to an art and self-improvement.

In addition to this less obvious benefit, there are the more apparent advantages of Merpati Putih, including improved mental health, mental strength, and physical fitness. All three of these benefits are tied together. As you work on the health of your body, you improve the health of your mind. And, these gains carry over to other parts of your life outside of the studio.

Join MP USA’s Athletic Adventure Program

Indonesian Martial Arts programs for Adults in Ogden UtahMP USA’s Athletic Adventure Program is much more than your typical fitness class. You can get an idea of what it is all about if you imagine combining life-energy control and awareness, a deep mind-body-spirit connection, adaptable self-defense, top-notch movement artistry, and some extreme athletic fitness and awesome adventure. In order to access the types of results and benefits offered by MP USA’s flagship program, you would normally need to work with a personal breathwork consultant, take private mediation training, pay for Pilates and yoga classes, hire a personal trainer, and sign up at a gym.

The Athletic Adventure Program is open to anyone fifteen years of age or older who wants to explore their body’s and mind’s highest potential and is serious about their progress. It is for individuals willing to work hard to blow past their limitations, get in the best shape of their life, and learn an undiluted, pure, effectively-secret martial art.

If you are interested in joining Indonesian martial arts programs for adults in Ogden, Utah, contact MP USA today! We have intro classes starting in March so you can try Merpati Putih before you commit to a full semester. The next semester starts in April. See you in the studio!

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