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Martial Arts Self Defense Classes in Ogden UT

Men must stop assaulting women. If a man assaults a woman, the woman is in no way at fault. And, we believe the man should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. However, we also acknowledge that violence is a big part of our society, and the more you can do to protect yourself from attackers, the better off you will be. That said, we would never blame a victim for not know how to defend herself. But, at MP USA, we try to make the tools of self-defense as easily accessible as possible with our Womens’ Empowerment Workshop in Ogden Utah.

What Are Women’s Empowerment Workshops?

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For nearly a decade and a half, MP USA has been teaching women young and old to disable, evade, and engage attackers through our Women’s Empowerment Workshops. Our workshops are different from typical self-defense courses in that we do not go over every possible scenario and tell you what to do in each circumstance.

Instead, we understand that situations are more fluid and organic than what one might work on in a classroom. Our experts teach you a complete arsenal of principles that you can use in just about every situation. We show you how to permanently disable an attacker as well as escape an assault.

Martial Arts Self Defense Classes in Ogden Utah

You can learn to be more confident (which scares would-be attackers) and safer wherever you go, no matter your athletic ability, age, or size. Our teachers also do an excellent job of keeping the workshops positive, welcoming, and fun. You can protect yourself for the rest of your life with a workshop that costs about the same as the average night on the town.

Do You Really Need Self-Defense Training?

According to statistics from the Utah Department of Health’s Violence & Injury Prevention Program, more than 30 percent of all women in Utah will be sexually assaulted at some point. If there was a 30 percent chance of any life-threatening event affecting you, you would do something to protect yourself, wouldn’t you? This is why you need self-defense classes.

Most women have had this experience: you are walking alone in the dark and you notice someone about 50 feet behind you. Are they following you? What are their intentions? What can you do if they attack you? Without training, you may feel helpless. With training, you will have half a dozen moves ready in your head and in your muscle memory that you can use to incapacitate attackers.

Martial Arts Self Defense Classes in Ogden UT

When you don’t have to fear walking alone at night, you will feel much more confident, and it will show. As you release your inner warrior through martial arts training, you will get a rush of endorphins that make you feel more powerful, strong, and accomplished. This feeling carries over outside of the studio. And, according to research, simply taking part in self-defense training makes you much less susceptible to unwanted sexual contact. This is because attackers can tell when someone is vulnerable, but when you have confidence, they move along.

In addition to being able to ward off attackers, there are several secondary benefits to learning martial arts for self-defense. For instance, as you practice the techniques you learn, you become incredibly physically fit. Through regular martial arts sparring, you can develop tighter abs, better-looking glutes, and arms that are more toned.

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Our next Womens’ Empowerment Workshop in Ogden Utah is Saturday, October 14th from 3 pm to 6:30 pm. If you register online today, you can save 33% on the already-reasonable cost of the class. For more information, contact us today!

Self Defense Martial Arts Classes for Women in Ogden Utah

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