Merpati Putih Belt Ranking Structure

Much of society today is plagued by a mentality of pushing others down so that we can get ahead. Though we would all be better off if we cooperated, we tend to shy away from working together. At the core of Merpati Putih are helpfulness and oneness. This is apparent in all aspects of this martial art, but today, we are going to focus on the MP ranking structure.

What Is Merpati Putih?

Belts in Martial Arts in Ogden Utah Merpati Putih is short for “Mersudi Patitising Tindak Pusakane Titising Hening.” This roughly translates to the MP creed of “to seek and to find that which is right, doing in silence.” This essentially means that practitioners of MP should do what is right with a silent mind and pure heart to benefit everyone. Since each individual’s situation, beliefs, and life are unique, MP is the ideal system for anyone who seeks to learn what they are really capable of and how they can help others.

The cornerstone of all that is Merpati Putih is serving others, carrying love in your heart, improving yourself, and doing all of this with a mind that is unlimited and uncluttered by preconceived notions, prejudices, or self-doubt so that life can be lived enjoying every moment to the fullest in the moment.

What Is the MP Belt Ranking Structure?

Martial Arts Belts in Merpati PutihMP does not believe in asserting your power over others. Instead, it is better to achieve power over yourself to live your life better in every way and to make your dreams come true. Because of this, the ranking structure of the MP Adult Program is unique in that there are no white belts, black belts, etc.

As humans, we are all equal. Therefore, members of MP only wear belts of one color: red. Following the full spectrum of the rainbow and the way light energy is naturally separated in a prism, a small stripe near one end of the belt changes color as advancement is earned. No matter how long we have been practicing, the belt always remains the same, while the stripe changes color with our experience level.

In every MP member of every rank, you will find acceptance, peace, helpfulness, and understanding. And, these attributes increase dramatically as we gain experience and become more aware.

The Merpati Putih ranking structure from most basic to most advanced is as follows:
• Dasar 1 (Basic Level 1)
• Dasar 2 (Basic Level 2)
• Balik 1 (Reverse Level 1)
• Balik 2 (Reverse Level 2)
• Kombinasi 1 (Combination Level 1, Senior USA Instructor)
• Kombinasi 2 (Combination Level 2)
• Khusus 1 (Specialist Level 1)
• Khusus 2 (Specialist Level 2)
• Khusus 3 (Specialist Level 3)
• Kesegeran (Refresher)
• Inti (Core Level, Royal Heirs only)

Members generally stay at each of the basic levels (Dasar 1 through Balik 2) for a minimum of half a year, and the other levels require at least one year’s experience before testing for the next level.

Why Just One Belt Color?

Belts in Martial Arts in Ogden UtahMP uses one belt color to remind students of the equality and oneness that we share and that we are all here to assist each other with becoming the best individuals we can be. The camaraderie, brotherhood, and family atmosphere among MP members from all stages in life is truly magnificent. Outside of the studio in everyday society and with other martial arts, you may experience superiority complexes, “I’m better than you” attitudes, and egotism. This is simply nonexistent at MP USA.

While we still nurture positive values in our youth program, we use standard martial arts belts in Merpati Putih for children. We have found that kids benefit from the visual progress of going through the changing belt colors. Their structure is White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown 1, Brown, 2, and Red!

If you would like to learn more about Merpati Putih, we invite you to visit the MP USA center in Ogden, Utah. We attract visitors from Northern Utah and beyond. See you soon!

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