Life Changing Ways to Bring Positive Energy Into Your Life

Spring is here! And with it comes more sunshine, more energy, and new life all around us. This changing of the seasons creates a great opportunity for us to talk about some life changing ways to bring positive energy into your life. Today, we’re going to discuss our favorites. First, we want to give you the definition of “positive energy”  and explain why it’s important.

What Does it Mean to Have Positive Energy?

Martial Arts Increases Health Wellness Positivity for all Ages

Although we may not be consciously aware of it, as the Mindvalley blog explains, “certain people radiate positive energy, and others negative energy.”

This energy is a product of our personalities, values, beliefs, habits, and lifestyles, and it shapes our relationships with others. It also impacts our productivity, our mental health, and our spheres of influence.

“A person’s energy is a combination of a person’s past, their mindset, their dominant thoughts, and beliefs and their perception of the world,” Mindvalley’s explanation continues. “…The important thing to remember is that energy has polarity (opposites) and where there is one type of energy, you can swing the pendulum over to the other side. You have the power to move from negative to positive instantly.”

Thankfully, if we’re stuck in a negative rut, we change the vibe we’re putting out there. At MP USA, we love knowing that we have many options available to help us stay positive.

What are the Steps We Can Take?

MP USA Family Martial Arts Classes

If we could only offer one suggestion, it would be simple. Join MP USA! We are currently accepting enrollments into our Family Martial Arts Program, and practicing Merpati Putih is the best way we know of to transform our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Here are six more ways to consistently radiate positive energy:

  1. Take care of your body. Healthy habits in terms of diet, exercise, and sleep play a pivotal role in helping us stay positive. It’s hard to be happy when we feel physically unwell, so taking care of our bodies is an essential first step.
  2. Laugh and smile as often as possible. A great way to do this is by consistently surrounding ourselves with upbeat people. We love the feeling of comradery we share at MP USA, and we appreciate how being able to both work hard and play hard together brings us closer.
  3. Practice self-care. It’s often said that exercise is the best vacation a person can take from the stressful situations we encounter in daily living. Other ways to escape the doldrums through self-care include developing a hobby, getting a massage, or reading a good book. Also, it never hurts to head for the hills or to the beach to regroup and rejuvenate with Mother Nature.
  4. Love and accept yourself as you are. People who are comfortable in their skin exude confidence. If we can recognize and appreciate truths such as no one has a perfect body, we all have different levels of talent and ability, and making mistakes is part of life and growth, we can learn to celebrate instead of dread our imperfections.
  5. Don’t let negatives gain momentum in your life. Have you heard the Cherokee story of the two wolves? This story teaches us to focus on finding an optimistic viewpoint no matter what our circumstances. If we choose to feed the “evil” wolf, the negatives in our lives can spiral out of control. Choose instead to feed the “good” wolf!
  6. Meditate. The reason we focus so much on meditation at MP USA is that research continually demonstrates that meditation provides mental clarity and silence from daily stressors. If you need more convincing, revisit the six ways meditation will improve your life.

Now that we’ve discussed these life changing ways to bring positive energy into your life, let’s get back to our first suggestion. Join MP USA! The individual benefits of practicing MP are amazing. There are also tremendous benefits of doing martial arts together as a family. Call 1-866-666-7872 now to learn more about our programs!

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