Martial Arts Classes for Girls in Ogden: Why It’s Important!

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The capacity for self-defense is the most important reason girls should get involved in martial arts. A sad fact in modern culture is that women are frequently the target of sexual assault. This can scar a young lady for the entirety of her life. Do not let your daughter become a statistic. As girls grow up, the ability to defend themselves is an invaluable tool. It is a skill that your daughter can take with her to college, and it will help you and her rest easy. Today, we will look at several other reasons why martial arts classes for girls in Ogden, UT are important.

Women Have an Advantage in Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes for Girls in Ogden UTThroughout their lifetimes, girls will be told that they are short, small, less physical, unable to fight back, unable to hit, and so on. Women are characterized as the “weaker sex.” Much of the time, this is just a self-fulfilling prophecy. Martial arts can help girls unlearn what society has conditioned them to believe. After all, if a 6’4” man doesn’t know how to protect himself, he is the weaker sex.

If you know how to punch, kick a shin with incredible force, and tuck a chin in a headlock to allow for breathing, you are at an advantage against attackers of any size. Plus, a larger man’s body mass and bulk is not an advantage against the quickness of a physically fit martial arts woman. Lastly, a well-trained girl will also have the element of surprise as assailants underestimate her fight.

Martial Arts Classes Benefit Girls of All Abilities

Girls Martial Arts Classes in Ogden UTWe have had female students of all abilities and ages come through our programs. Many come in thinking that a martial art will be too difficult, scary, or demanding to learn. This is a normal feeling that generally goes away after the first class. Girls take a giant step closer to protecting themselves, even if they just make it through that first class. If they are able to comb hair, kick a can on the street corner, or tie shoes, they can learn some of the beneficial aspects of martial arts.

Best of all, the training works. After just a few classes, your daughter will understand how to break several types of holds and how to punch and kick in ways that will cause the most damage. Aside from the physical aspects, girls will learn self-discipline, self-confidence, respect, leadership, and several other positive traits.

Girls Do Not Have to Give up Their Femininity

Martial Arts Classes for Kids in Ogden UTMartial arts have gotten a bad rap for being a boy’s club. At MP USA, we do not tolerate discrimination based on gender. We want people of all genders to enjoy the benefits of Merpati Putih. That said, girls do not have to give up their traditionally female traits to take martial arts classes for girls in Ogden, UT. In fact, you would not be able to recognize some of our best female students when you pass them on the street since they tend to fit into traditional gender roles. We are accepting of anyone who wants to learn no matter their appearance or how they identify with their gender.

We Can Help You

At MP USA, we offer martial arts classes for girls in Ogden, UT. Our youth martial arts classes are open to both boys and girls aged six to fourteen. Your child first takes our intro series before earning their white belt and joining the regular youth program.

From fifteen years old and beyond, there are a number of options ranging from more intense training (with our the Adult Adventure Program) to weekend workshops (such as our Women’s Ultimate Personal Protection and Street Survival (WUPPASS) events).

If you are interested in learning more, please contact MP USA today!

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