Meditation and Martial Arts: How Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden Utah Is Different

Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

When you think of martial arts, you may envision sweaty people sparring and repetitively practicing movements on mats. Martial arts benefits may appear to only be physical in nature with some improved discipline sprinkled in. However, with Merpati Putih martial arts in Ogden, Utah, meditation and martial arts combine to strengthen the mind-body-spirit balance.

Why Meditation Is Important

Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden UtahThe vocational, psychological, and physical benefits of meditation are many. Psychologically, when you meditate, it helps you to be more confident in yourself. It also guides you in your personal growth. People who meditate have more control over their anger and are calmer in general. Also, when you meditate regularly, you become more sensitive and tolerant.

When you are studying or at work, the benefits of meditation can be seen in your improved creativity and concentration. You will find it easier to control yourself and the situation when you are under pressure. You also improve your memory, learn easier, and are more receptive.

And, the physical benefits of meditation run the gamut from slowing the aging process and strengthening the immune system to lowering your blood pressure and decreasing physical tension. In fact, there was a study by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center that found meditation can reduce pain. And, in a separate study, the Group Health Research Institute found it helped adults with back pain.

Merpati Putih Combines Meditation with Martial Arts

Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden UtahMerpati Putih seeks to strengthen the mind-body-spirit balance. Whereas many martial arts just focus on the body with an element of mental discipline, MP brings the mind, body, and spirit together for holistic training.

Physically, MP is the ultimate cross-trainer. The training improves physical stamina and helps you get in the greatest shape of your life. It can even help you feel like you are reversing the aging process by healing old, chronic injuries.

The mind is strengthened through meditation, which improves your mental awareness, helps you find your inner peace, and you will understand yourself better. MP USA’s Mas Nate Zeleznick says, “Most martial arts don’t have a meditative component. Merpati Putih without meditation is not Merpati Putih.”

MP accepts everyone. The biggest challenge for many people is finding your source of physical distress and mental anguish. By balancing and strengthening your mental and physical aspects, you open the door for spiritual development and connection with nature. MP can help with this.

Join Us in December

Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden UtahBreathing exercises and meditation are big parts of all three of our adult programs, the Athletic Adventure Program, Wealth of Health, and Vibravision. And, in our Vibravision and Wealth of Health programs, meditation and breathing exercises are the main components.

The Wealth of Health program is open to anyone over the age of 14, but it was developed for adults 40 years and older. It essentially combines breathwork, meditation, calisthenics, aerobics, tai chi, yoga, and Pilates in a weekly two-hour class. Our Vibravision program helps you to connect with your surroundings in a way you never have before allowing you to “see” without your eyes. This program is not for beginners, and you are first required to spend six months training in the Athletic Adventure or Wealth of Health programs.

On three consecutive Wednesdays in December, the 6th, 13th, and 20th, we are offering intro classes for adults and kids 10 years old and over. Space is extremely limited for the classes that run from 7 to 9 pm and only cost $10. This is the ideal way to decide whether you want to join the MP USA family and attain a mind-body-spirit balance. To register, go online or give us a call (866-666-7872) today!

Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

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