How Merpati Putih Martial Arts Can Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Merpati Putih martial arts

Merpati Putih martial artsWe have several blog posts cataloging the benefits of Merpati Putih martial arts for everyone young and old. But, did you know that MP also has the power to help you keep your New Year’s resolution? It’s true. We prefer to call them “New Year’s goals” because we see people dump their New Year’s resolutions at the first hint of adversity. On the other hand, goals have a much stronger track record. Whatever you choose to call them, below we will examine how Ogden Utah’s MP USA can help you attain your “New Year, new you” goals.

Improved Health

Merpati Putih martial artsMartial arts instruction is physically challenging when taught properly. The intense MP classes are comparable to interval training with short bursts of exertion and movement followed by lower-intensity performance periods. Research shows that this type of exercise is one of the most effective and fastest methods for improving your heart health. This is just the start when it comes to the health benefits of MP training. You can also count on reductions in systemic inflammation, regulating insulin and glucose levels, lowering your blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and much more.

Become Physically and Mentally Fit

During each session of our Adult Adventure Program, you get between 30 and 60 minutes of intense, interval-like training. This boosts your fitness levels by increasing your endurance greatly and conditioning your short-term performance levels. In the process, your body adapts to short, fierce periods of exercise punctuated with lower intensity periods over a longer time. As your endurance increases, you will find that you have more, steady energy during the day, and you can avoid the energy crashes that many people experience in the afternoon.


Merpati Putih martial artsBy nature, martial arts training instills self-discipline. Students from the ages of 6 to 86 learn in a structured atmosphere that requires them to perform, focus, and listen each time they come to class. You become conditioned to being focused, taking direction, and to the overall structure through continuous exposure to this environment. Before long, you are performing actions with little instruction and holding yourself accountable. This is what self-discipline is all about.


You develop mental focus and toughness while feeling better about yourself when you challenge yourself to do something you have never done before. You must keep your mind completely focused on the work at hand when you are in an MP class. It is nearly impossible to think about family, work, or anything else when you are in the thick of the mental and physical demands of self-defense training. And, it just makes it easier for you to get things done at home and at work thanks to the strong mental focus that comes with regular training in our studio.

Bond with Your Family

Merpati Putih martial artsWhat does your family time look like? Does it involve sitting in front of the TV with some ignored show blaring and each person rubbing on their smartphone or tablet? Or, perhaps you don’t have any family time carved out? When you and your family take classes at MP USA, you will have a healthy way to spend time together bonding.

MP USA Is the Only Place for Merpati Putih

Merpati Putih originated in Indonesia, which is where the vast majority of practitioners are today. MP USA is actually the only studio licensed and accredited to teach Merpati Putih in the Western Hemisphere. We have several students who drive more than an hour each way to attend weekly classes at our location in Ogden, Utah. Now, that is self-discipline!

If you live anywhere near Ogden, Utah and would like help meeting your New Year’s resolutions and goals, contact MP USA today.

Merpati Putih martial arts

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