Merpati Putih: Martial Arts Classes with Health Benefits in Ogden Utah!

Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

Looking for Martial Arts Classes with Health Benefits in Ogden Utah?

Martial Arts Classes with Health Benefits in Ogden Utah

There are plenty of reasons to avoid doing martial arts. We hear them all as we go out into the community. Some of the most common excuses stopping people from taking classes include:

  • Image – Some people think they would look silly or clumsy as they start out.
  • Fighting – Most people do not see themselves as fighters. Why would you take classes that pretty much force you to fight?
  • Fear – Leaving your comfort zone and doing something new can be scary.
  • Yelling – As you execute moves, you are often expected to make loud sounds. This is awkward for many.
  • Anything Could Happen – When you enter the martial arts studio, who knows what you may be asked to do? What if you are asked to do something you are not comfortable with?
  • Age – Aren’t martial arts for kids? How is a 70-year-old going to keep up with those whippersnappers?

We have heard all of these excuses and more, and we took them to heart. That is why we created the Wealth of Health Fitness Program for people interested in martial arts classes with health benefits in Ogden Utah.

What Is the Wealth of Health Program?

Merpati Putih Martial Arts Classes in Ogden Utah

The Wealth of Health classes are unique in that they were developed for people who want to be able to sense and control the energy in their bodies, learn meditation that works quickly, improve their flexibility, and get in the best shape of their life. It is adapted from our high-intensity, high-impact Athletic Adventure Program training, but it does not have the level of martial arts training that program has.

Instead, the Wealth of Health course involves low-impact exercise and breathwork. In a single two-hour class each week and ten minutes each day on your own at home, you get all of the benefits of tai chi, Pilates, meditation, yoga, calisthenics, and aerobics.

What Are Some of the Benefits to the Program?

Even after just a couple classes, participants in the Wealth of Health program have reported noticing a deeper sense of inner peace and wellness, lowered blood pressure, and improvements in calmness, energy, and endurance.

Members of the Wealth of Health classes have also reported feeling relief from a long list of conditions, such as colds, arthritis, restless leg syndrome, depression, the flu, multiple sclerosis, hypertension and high blood pressure, asthma, back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, tendonitis, allergies, stiff joints, fibromyalgia, migraines, and much more.

Health Benefits | Martial Arts Classes | Ogden Utah

There have not been any scientific research studies performed on our one-of-a-kind program, so we only have anecdotal evidence to fall back on. However, the success stories and evidence are overwhelming when it comes to demonstrating how the classes improve one’s wellbeing.

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We originally designed this program in 2005 for people over the age of 40 who wanted to experience the health benefits of martial arts without the fighting, yelling, fear, and ageism. Today, these classes still mainly serve an older crowd, but they are also open to students between the ages of 14 and 70+.

Martial Arts Classes for All Ages in Ogden Utah

The Wealth of Health Classes are 7 pm to 9 pm every Wednesday night. You can choose between a half-year or full-year commitment. New terms begin each quarter with the next term starting on July 12, 2017. Of course, most people do not want to commit to something for a full year before they give it a try. So, we are offering intro classes on June 14th, 21st, and 28th. Space is limited in these classes, so contact MP USA today and reserve your spot in the best martial arts classes with health benefits in Ogden Utah.

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