Impossible possible

Sometimes, it’s fun to try to wrap our heads around those things that make you go, “hmmm.” To get your mental muscle-flexing, we’re going to play a True or False game today to explore some myths and truths about mind over matter. 


The Questions

Please take a stab at responding True or False to the following statements. Then, keep reading to see how well you did on our quiz!

  1. Mind over matter can help you lose weight.
  2. Mind over matter has no impact on sports performance.
  3. Mind over matter can create real reactions to fake positives AND to false negatives.
  4. Mind over matter changes your physiological responses.
  5. Mind over matter cannot help you accomplish amazing feats.
Blind Driving

The Discussion

Before we check your answers, we thought it might be a good idea to make sure we’re riding along the same brainwave. What is mind over matter, anyway?

The top definition on Urban Dictionary describes mind over matter this way:

“Mind over matter is a phrase that essentially refers to one’s ability to use will power over physical limitations. While it was originally used to explain phenomena such as Telekinesis and other Paranormal constructs, it actually has a real-life meaning as well. The mind, in of itself is capable of accomplishing infinite limitations brought on by the environment. The limitations whether they be physical or mental hinder us from reaching our full potential. Therefore, it is important for us to believe that we are nothing less than powerful in our determination and grit to succeed.”

Here at MP USA, we think about this concept a lot because the very essence of the martial art form we practice, Merpati Putih, involves creating a heightened body-mind-spirit awareness that allows us to stretch beyond our physical limits to achieve lofty goals. To enhance the MP experience, we are also the only facility licensed in North America to provide Vibravision training, an extension of MP that allows us to experience orientation and mobility WITHOUT the use of our eyes. Isn’t that COOL? 

Think about it for a minute. Mind over matter explains why seemingly impossible martial arts movie feats are real. It also explains how we can wake up from nightmares with real injuries, how we can survive pain beyond comprehension, and how we can develop transcendental awareness through meditation.


The Answers

Ready to separate myth from reality? Ok. Now it’s time to see how well you answered our questions.

  1. TRUE. Mind over matter can indeed help you lose weight. It’s been proven scientifically that weight loss is about much more than diet and exercise. There’s also an important MINDSET component. We have to “think thin” to be successful! According to ListVerse, “Some researchers think positivity is a missing variable in the weight-loss equation, and a lack of it is what’s keeping people chubby.”
  2. FALSE. Mind over matter actually has a huge impact on sports performance. Gaining mental muscle plays a significant role in martial arts training, and sports visualization is used by athletes around the world to help them keep their heads in the game, maintain muscle memory, and achieve greater success.
  3. TRUE. Mind over matter can most definitely create real reactions to fake positives AND  false negatives. These are called the placebo and nocebo effects. As ListVerse explains, “a placebo is an inert substance or belief which produces real biological effects in humans. It’s so widely accepted as fact that a placebo variable is included in most medical tests as a way of proving if, say, a drug works on its own merits or because people ‘think’ it works.“ The placebo effect explains why people who take sugar pills – which they believe are real pharmaceuticals – report improved physical and mental health. By contrast, the nocebo effect produces negative effects “caused” by something totally harmless. Examples ListVerse provides include “negative results such as a cancer patient vomiting before chemotherapy starts or someone breaking out in a rash because they thought they touched poison ivy, even though it was merely an ordinary plant.”
  4. TRUE. Mind over matter can absolutely change your physiological responses. This is why meditation is being increasingly used to help with pain control. It also explains how Indian yogis and Tibetan monks can do things such as dramatically slow their heartbeats and respiration rates and generate body heat through meditation. 
  5. FALSE. Mind over matter is one of the BEST strategies you can employ to help you accomplish amazing feats, and you can get started on your journey right here at MP USA!

The Opportunity

If the myths and truths about mind over matter we’ve discussed today have you going, “hmmmm, I want to know more,” you’ve come to the right place. Beginning in September, we’re going to host Introduction to Energy classes every Wednesday that will blow your mind! Until then, we hope you’ll take advantage of our existing programming, which includes our Family Martial Arts Program, our Wealth of Health Fitness Program, and Vibravision. Give us a call today!

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