Personal Protection Self Defense Classes for Women and Girls

self defense classes for woman

Martial arts of just about every variety are often dominated by men. For most women, this can make it a bit intimidating to enter the studio for the first time. At MP USA, we think this is a shame. So, we do our best to make women feel more comfortable in a martial arts setting by offering Women’s Ultimate Personal Protection And Street Survival (WUPPASS) events. Below, we will look at why self-defense classes are important for women and what we have to offer.

Personal Protection Self Defense Classes for Women and Girls in Ogden Utah

self defense classes for womenSalt Lake City’s Office of Diversity & Human Rights has compiled some disturbing statistics about sexual violence in Utah:

  • Less than ten percent of rapes are reported to the police.
  • During their lives, over 30 percent of Utah women will be the victims of some form of sexual violence.
  • Utah’s violent crime rates are lower than the national average in every category except rape.
  • Nearly 80 percent of rape victims were assaulted before they turned eighteen years old.
  • About one in eight Utah women will be raped at some point in their lives.

The numbers are even starker on the campuses of universities and colleges in the United States. For instance, more than thirteen percent of college women reported that they have been forced into sex while on a date. When all situations are taken into consideration, up to one out of four women surveyed said they have experienced an attempted or completed rape. The mental state of the victim never justifies a rape, but research does show that women who are in a sorority, use drugs, drink heavily, or attend a school with higher drinking rates are more susceptible to rape while intoxicated.

These numbers are upsetting, to say the least. That’s why we think it is important to train women to fight back.

Personal Protection Self Defense Classes for Women and Girls in Salt Lake City

self defense classes for womenThe most important reason why women and girls should enroll in personal protection self-defense classes is that they will learn how to protect themselves and their family. This could mean the difference between life and death. Merpati Putih, the martial art that serves as the basis for our empowerment workshops, can be mastered by people of any gender, size, or age. This means that even smaller women can outmaneuver larger, stronger attackers.

You will also become more confident once you have some self-defense tools. When you are subjected to a violent perpetrator, the feeling of helplessness is often the worst part. Yet, when you can defend yourself, you will not only stay safe, but you will also project confidence that will ward off attackers.

The third major benefit is that students learn discipline in self-defense classes. This discipline works in all parts of your life. Self-defense teaches you to control your breathing, respond instead of reacting to situations, and to stay calm. The lessons you learn from our workshops and Merpati Putih in general will make you more patient, diligent, and help you to turn your failures into moments of growth.

self defense classes for womenNow that you understand why it is so important to take self-defense classes, we want to encourage you to join our Women’s Empowerment Workshop this weekend, Saturday, October 14th from 3 pm to 6:30 pm. More than 800 individuals have benefited from our workshops since we first launched them nearly fifteen years ago. The class teaches you to be more confident, to protect yourself and your family, and to become stronger overall. If you enroll online now, you can save $25 on the class. Space is limited so registered today.

self defense classes for women

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