Steps for Success: Preparing your kids for their first martial arts class in Ogden Utah

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Signing your child up for martial arts classes is one of the most important steps you can take to prepare them for the future. Your youngster will develop the skills they need to move around confidently in the world. Naturally, as a parent, you want to give your kids the best opportunity to get the most out of the classes. To help you with this, we have put together these tips for getting ready for kids martial arts class in Ogden Utah.

Be Sure You Sign Up for the Right Class

martial arts class in Ogden UtahThe first step in preparing your child for success is to ensure you have them signed up for the right class. If the studio is more than a fifteen-minute drive from your house, make sure you allow ample time to get to the classes on time. If your kid is rushed into their first class, they may experience a drop in enthusiasm. Also, arriving early will give them a better chance to get to know their teachers and peers. We recommend showing up at least ten minutes early for your first class. And, have your child use the restroom before they start to avoid disrupting the class.

Your youngster should also avoid engaging in other strenuous physical activities right before their first lesson. Otherwise, they are likely to be tired and miserable as they attempt the new moves and motions.

Read about Martial Arts with Your Kid

martial arts class in Ogden UtahYour child has probably been exposed to martial arts through media. Of course, this is a fairly unrealistic portrayal of what their classes will be like. So, prepare for that first class by reading up on the discipline you chose. You can learn about MP USA’s Youth Martial Arts Program here. We also recommend that parents sit with their child and read about the history of Merpati Putih: how it became available to the general public, how it made its way to the United States, and more.

Dress Your Youngster Appropriately

martial arts class in Ogden UtahAt MP USA, we provide a uniform for everyone who signs up for our intro classes, but if you sign up at a studio that doesn’t do this, make sure you dress your child appropriately for the first class. Help build enthusiasm for that first class by picking out their outfit with them for the big day. We recommend a comfortable t-shirt and track pants or mesh shorts that allow for a full range of motion.

Be Your Child’s Biggest Fan

martial arts class in Ogden Utah

Kids are often nervous when trying something for the first time. Many want to quit when they are not instantly good at something. You need to teach them that anything worth doing takes a little work. Encourage, cheerlead, and celebrate with them, but do not push them too hard.

Sign up for MP USA’s Youth Martial Arts Program Today

Before we welcome children ages 6 to 14 into our regular Youth Martial Arts Program, we start with a three-lesson trial series. There are a couple reasons we do this. First, they can decide whether they really want to try martial arts. And, secondly, we can evaluate their abilities and tailor the program to their needs.

The three lessons take place on consecutive days, Monday through Wednesday, from 5 pm to 5:45 pm. At the end of the trial, your child will earn their white belt. Usually, these classes cost $49.99. However, we see youth having so much trouble navigating today’s world that we want to make it easier for everyone to access our training. So, for a limited time, we are offering the introductory classes for $25, and a uniform is included in this price.

To enroll your young one in kids martial arts class in Ogden, Utah, contact MP USA today!

martial arts class in Ogden Utah

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