The Best Meditation Wellness Programs in Ogden Utah

Wealth of Health Fitness Class Ogden Utah

If you’ve lived near Ogden, Utah very long or visited our thriving community, you know how much we value living well. This concept of wellness can be explored in many ways, including our efforts to maintain physical fitness, engage in fulfilling employment, enjoy family togetherness and nurture our emotional health. At MP USA Martial Arts Academy, we value the feeling of wholeness that comes with finding balance in each of these areas of our lives, and we consider meditation an important step on the path toward achieving our goals.

If you’re looking for one of the best meditation wellness programs in Ogden Utah, we invite you to explore how joining us in the practice of Merpati Putih (MP) can help you reach your true potential. Beginning with the meaning of its name, “white dove,” the practice of MP is centered on peace, balance, and safety. It also paves the way toward self-mastery and lifelong wellbeing, incorporating a unique system of fitness, breathwork, meditation, energy development, personal empowerment and combative martial arts that is ONLY available here. MP USA, Inc. is the only licensed and accredited academy of Merpati Putih in the Western Hemisphere.

What Do Meditation and Wellness Mean to You?

Merpati Putih Martial Arts in Ogden Utah

What comes to mind when you think of meditation? Do you think of a wizened yogi chanting “om” in a classic lotus pose? That’s one way to meditate, but it’s not the only way. Now, envision a group of students gathered in a motivating, supportive setting. While we recognize the importance of stillness, we also embrace the power of movement. We range in age from 10 to 75, and we’re working together to quiet our minds through the practice of moving meditation – enjoying MP USA’s Wealth of Health Fitness Program. We invite you to join us because we want to share the feelings of wellness that come with our weekly classes and daily routines. We want to help YOU take charge of your wholeness, healing, and growth. Why? Because getting both physically and emotionally fit can help us develop energy, relieve stress and secure inner peace.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines meditate as “to engage in mental exercise (such as concentration on one’s breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness.” What this means at MP USA is that our art form, which is the royal inheritance of the Kings and Heirs of the Mataram Kingdom in Central Java, Indonesia, can enrich your life right here in Ogden, Utah. The meditations we practice help us balance our bodies, minds and spirits in a unique, invigorating way. Also, moving meditation can help us achieve greater mindfulness. We learn to quiet our worries, focus on the present and control our thoughts. Then, whether we choose to practice both moving and seated meditation, we can feel calm, relaxed and aware.

Join One of our Energy Intro Classes in September

“This program has been life-changing,” said one of our students, Natalie Peace. “I have a better understanding of building and maintaining my personal energy source.”The Best Meditation Wellness Program in Ogden Utah

Now that we’ve introduced you to one of the best meditation wellness programs in Ogden Utah, we hope you’ll take the opportunity not only to join us in our journey, but also to make it your own. Our Wealth of Health fitness program is open to everyone ages 10+. 6 months of training in the Wealth of Health Fitness or Adult Athletic Adventure programs is required to join our Vibravision program. You can try one of MP USA’s Wealth of Health classes for just $10 on Wednesday nights in September. Think on it for a moment…and then give us a call at 866-666-7872. The Best Meditation Wellness Programs in Ogden Utah

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