Three Ways Parents and Children Build Stronger Bonds Through Martial Arts

How Children Benefit From Learning Together With Their Parents

If you’re looking for a great way to connect with your kids, we invite you to learn more about the Youth Martial Arts Program at MP USA. We’ve identified three ways parents and children build stronger bonds through martial arts, and we’re excited to share them with you. They are:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Relationships

Here at MP USA, we’ve learned through 17 years of experience that involving the whole family in martial arts training encourages parents and children to work together, accomplish goals and have fun. In fact, before children can enroll in our youth program, they and their parents are asked to participate in a 3-day lesson trial. We’ve offered this opportunity to children since the program began, but involving parents is new–and it’s been incredibly rewarding!

“The parents get a workout, and the kids can see that their parents also have to work hard to learn new things,” Teauhna Chavez, our enrollment director, said. “Also, the kids hear their parents say, ‘Yes, Ma’am and Yes, Sir!’ This sets an example for them of how to interact in the dojo.”

Not only does parent participation build stronger family bonds, it also helps the instructors at MP USA get to know each family better and maintain the most enriching program possible as we work on the three R’s mentioned above.

RespectMas Mike Zeleznick Intro Class

Within our blog post on September 19, 2017, we outlined the advantages of martial arts youth programs. Along with benefits such as combating childhood obesity, battling bullying and developing coordination, martial arts training helps children learn to respect themselves and others. As they develop greater self-discipline, they also learn to govern their social behavior. When families participate in martial arts together, they can interact more respectfully with each other. Whether parents are attending classes themselves or simply supporting their children, mutual respect can increase as commitment builds toward accomplishing common goals. At home, parents can reinforce the lessons their children learn at MP USA, just as our instructors strive to support parents. We want to be part of the village it takes to raise a family.

ResponsibilityYouth Martial Arts Weapons Training

Martial arts training isn’t a place where you can fake it until you make it. In order to progress, you have to put in the time. The responsibility participants develop as they work toward higher ranks and push through physical and mental performance challenges can translate into greater responsibility in every aspect of their lives. At MP USA, we reinforce the message that martial arts isn’t just about winning. It’s about personal development and growth. When a family makes martial arts a team effort, parents and children can help each other fulfill commitments in their classes that provide essential life lessons.

Relationshipsbest martial arts practice in Ogden Utah

The style of martial arts we practice at MP USA is called Merpati Putih, which means “White Dove.” The dove is known internationally as a symbol of peace, and Merpati Putih is designed to promote peace and harmony. As family members interact in the supportive environment we maintain, their relationships can become more meaningful. Also, simply spending time together is what matters most. Parents who are involved in our programs tell us repeatedly how much they love witnessing their children’s growth as they work out side-by-side or attend classes as spectators, and children love feeling supported by their parents. It’s definitely a win-win!

If you’d like to experience the benefits of the three ways parents and children build stronger bonds through martial arts, we encourage you to call 866-666-7872 opt.1 or text the keyword “MPUSA” to  26786 today to learn more.

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