Tough Mudder’s Human Hamster Wheel

By March 30, 2016The Force, Wealth of Health
Tough Mudder’s Human Hamster Wheel

Tough Mudder’s Human Hamster 

The “Human Hamster Wheel” is a physical challenge to your upper body that requires a lot of preparation to be able to compete in this challenge.   Tough Mudder encourages you to work on three specific skills to be able to complete this challenge: Scapula Pull-ups, Hip Touches, and Pull-ups.  Training at Merpati Putih USA (MP USA) can also help prepare you for the challenge with the variety of push ups that are done regularly at the beginning of each class to increase physical strength.  More over, the martial art training will increase cardiovascular performance, focus, stamina, balance and coordination which can give you the added edge necessary to perform better than ever in the Tough Mudder events.

Scapula Pull-ups

These unique pull-ups help you gain shoulder strength that is needed in the “Hamster Wheel”. You essentially hang on a bar and bring your shoulders toward your ears and then gently release.

Hip Touches

While hanging from the bar, stay tight in your core and take one hand off the bar quickly and touch your hip. Alternate hands and go as fast as you can. If you cannot do this exercise by yourself, using a spotter will help until you are ready to go it alone.


Pull-ups help with a full range of motion in your upper arms and shoulders. With a pull-up you are trying to bring your chin over the bar and then lower yourself back down while keeping complete control. You can modify a pull-up by bringing your ankles to your butt and having a spotter grab your ankles and lift with you.

Added Training to Get the “Edge”

Training at MP USA helps build the physical strength, mental focus, coordination, balance and stamina required to compete in extreme events like Tough Mudder’s Human Hamster.  Students of this amazing and unique martial art learn how to increase their internal energy, commonly referred to as chi or qi in other martial arts and is called, “tenaga dalam” in Bahasa Indonesia (the language of Indonesia).  Through consistent practice, students also learn how to increase mental strength, focus and stamina- all of which are major contributing factors in taking athletes from good to great.

The breathing techniques that are taught at MP USA were discovered and developed by the Indonesian royal family of Java over 450 years ago. This proprietary breath work is taught exclusively at MP USA (on this side of the globe).  People gain many incredible health benefits by learning these techniques, which ultimately increases the overall energy efficiency of the body, specifically the energy body and cardiovascular system.  In short, these breathing techniques ultimately increase the miles per gallon in your personal fuel tank.

The training at MP USA is ideal for any athlete who wants to stand out from the rest and get the edge when competing in Tough Mudder or other extreme athletic events.  Classes are offered for students of all ages and varying athletic abilities.  Find out more on how to join by visiting our website at

Image Source: Human Hamster Wheel | Tough Mudder

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