What’s a Good Age for My Kids to Start Martial Arts Classes?

The benefits of martial arts classes for kids are well documented. But, you may be wondering, “What is a good age for my kids to start martial arts classes?” This depends on a long list of factors, including the type of martial art, how mature your child is, and the specific martial arts studio you are looking at. Below, we will explore all of these factors as well as the benefits to starting early to help you make an informed decision.

Starting Age Depends on Several Factors

good age for my kids to start martial arts classesKarate dojos take children as young as three years old, whereas many Krav Maga studios will not take anyone under the age of 16. At MP USA, we generally let children enroll in our youth program at the age of 6. We find this is a good age because the child exhibits the following traits necessary to get the most out of the classes:

  • They can take polite constructive criticism in stride.
  • Will practice reliably at least every other day (with some encouragement from parents.)
  • Can give 100 percent and pay attention for an entire class period.
  • Will listen quietly to a teacher, will wait their turn to speak, and have developed other age-appropriate manners.
  • The child understands that their behavior affects other’s well-being and has developed empathy.
  • Can tell right from left.

Also, on the flipside, many studios may not be ready for younger children. A good martial art class for kids will feature instructors who are patient and pay attention to individual students. The teacher also teaches youngsters important life lessons that they can use outside of the studio. The dojo should also have values that are in line with the values your family holds. And, the classes should feature some game time to help small children have fun.

Starting Early Has Many Benefits

good age for my kids to start martial arts classesThere is a long list of benefits to starting your youngster in martial arts, including:

  • Mental Focus – Youth classes are some of the most exciting, fun, and energetic to watch. Yet, youngsters learn to focus when the instructor is talking. Kids can soak up information like sponges, and per the etiquette of the studio, they learn to say “Yes, Sir,” follow directions, and to sit up straight.
  • Character Development ­– Respect is an important trait for everyone to have, and it requires some learning. Martial arts classes teach youth great values.
  • Physical Development – You can probably remember back to how awkward and accident-prone you were as a youngster as you got used to your body. Children learn how to master their body in the studio.
  • Fitness – Childhood obesity is a pandemic that is on the rise. The first step in preventing obesity is to address it before it starts. By introducing your child to a life of martial arts, you will help them beat the odds.
  • Goal Setting – The belt system in most martial arts disciplines provides tangible goals for kids to work toward and achieve.

What MP USA Has to Offer

good age for my kids to start martial arts classesThe Youth Martial Arts Program at MP USA is open to children ages 6 to 14, and because of all of the benefits listed above, we encourage you to enlist your youngster in classes as soon as they turn 6. We start every child off with a 3-lesson trial series, which takes place from 5 pm to 5:45 pm on three consecutive evenings, Monday through Wednesday. This way we can gauge your son’s or daughter’s skill level and customize their training to fit their needs.

So, “What is a good age for my kids to start martial arts classes?” The sooner, the better. Enlist your children in Merpati Putih classes by contacting MP USA today.

good age for my kids to start martial arts classes

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