What is the difference between Kung Fu and Martial Arts?

Karate. Judo. Jujitsu. Taekwondo. These are just a few of the more popular examples of the literally hundreds of martial arts styles you can participate in. Most of these disciplines can be found in every city throughout North America. However, there is only one place in the Western Hemisphere where you can take classes in the Indonesian martial art of Merpati Putih, and it is right here in Ogden, Utah.

Best Martial Arts Classes Near MeNo matter if you are looking for weight loss, elite athletic training, discipline and self-defense for your child, rehabilitation from an illness or injury, or adult self-defense, if you are wondering “what are the best martial arts classes near me,” you are sure to find what you need at MP USA. Today, we are going to provide an overview of some of our programs, so you can find classes that are right for your needs.

The Athletic Adventure Program

Our Athletic Adventure Program is for adults who are serious about learning Merpati Putih. It is our flagship program which combines life-energy awareness and control, top-notch movement artistry, awesome adventure and extreme athletic fitness, deep mind-body-spirit connection, and incredibly adaptable self-defense.

Best Martial Arts Schools in Ogden UTIn order to come close to obtaining the results one can get from our Athletic Adventure Program, you would typically require a personal trainer, private meditation training, Pilates classes, yoga classes, a gym membership, and a personal breathwork consultant. Our program does it all with semester-based classes that begin twice a year. Act now to get in on the new semester beginning in April.

Youth Martial Arts

Martial Arts Programs for Kids in Ogden UTIf you are like most parents, you are trying to work a job or two while raising your children to be responsible adults. This can be exhausting with all of your other duties and obligations. Throw in the fact that most kids these days are glued to televisions, video games, and computer screens, and it can be difficult to get across the values you want to instill in your youngsters. You do not have go at it alone.

We help teach your kids discipline, integrity, courage, respect, manners, confidence, and leadership while also providing intense physical fitness and life-saving skills. Our Youth Martial Arts programs are open to children age six to fourteen. Start with a three-lesson trial.

Wealth of Health Fitness Program

For many older adults, the intensity of our Athletic Adventure Program is too much for their bodies to bear. Fortunately, we have adapted our flagship program to help those who want to get in the best shape of their life, learn meditations that work fast, to be able to sense and control the energy traveling through their bodies, and boost their flexibility.

Martial Arts Classes Near Me in Ogden UTThough our Wealth of Health Fitness Program was developed for people over 40 years of age, Ogden residents aged 14 to 70 have enjoyed its benefits. Classes last six or twelve months and start quarterly in January, April, July, and October. Plus, you can try intro classes before you commit.

Women’s Empowerment Workshops

An ugly reality in today’s society is that one out of every three women in Utah will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. You can roll the dice and hope it doesn’t happen to you. Or, you can learn to fight back with our Women’s Empowerment Workshops. Our next workshop takes place Saturday, April 8th.

Martial Arts Classes Near Me for Kids and Adults in Ogden UTWe have new classes starting regularly throughout the year as well as drop-in options. If you are wondering “what are the best martial arts classes near me” and are interested in learning more about Merpati Putih, feel free to check out our YouTube channel or give us a call today!

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