Why Women Should Practice Martial Arts

The stars of MMA have shed a new light on what we consider to be great exercise options for women. Gone are the days when all that was available was jazzercise or step aerobics classes. Of course, these are excellent ways to get a good workout, but martial arts is becoming a much more attractive alternative. Here are a few reasons why women should practice martial arts.


Why Women Should Practice Martial ArtsCompared to centuries ago, women are somewhat safer from being exploited and objectified. However, we as a society still have a long way to go. And, there aren’t any signs of drastic changes coming anytime soon. This makes it more important than ever for you to learn how to protect yourself. Learning to act and think defensively with your body and mind is at the core of martial arts.

As you learn the movements in martial arts, you pick up on the skills that are most useful for women to defend themselves. Unlike other martial arts where you are taught a few moves that will help in specific situations, with Merpati Putih, you develop a whole toolbox of skills for every scenario. Having the ability to remove yourself from a dangerous situation in one piece is amazing.


Why Women Should Practice Martial ArtsThat brings us to our next benefit. You can be much more confident as you travel the world alone once you know how to protect yourself from attackers. You can learn to tackle more than just physical demands by cultivating the knowledge of composure and inner strength through martial arts. In addition, you will know that you can overcome obstacles without relying on others, see things from all angles, and be able to think more critically.

Basically, the improvement of your physical wellness is not the sole benefit of martial arts. All facets of your life will be enhanced through your self-confidence.

Physical Fitness

If you are interested in really bringing your physique to the next level, you could try the fashionable Tae-bo videos or some kickboxing workouts, but they won’t provide you with real-world benefits. With martial arts, you will get the benefits above while building cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, and burn away the calories. In the average high-intensity martial arts class, you will burn upwards of 400 calories in 45 minutes. And, the mind-body-spirit connection of Merpati Putih will also urge your body into a homeostatic calm, like that found in yoga.

Compared to the fad workouts, the skills you develop in a real martial arts class can be applied to real life. In Merpati Putih, we work various muscle groups together to naturally help you tighten your hips, ward off scoliosis, strengthen the core, and maintain your posture. You will also be fighting osteoporosis through moderate impact workouts. The functional fitness of martial arts is the best use of your time.

Explore These Benefits with Merpati Putih

Why Women Should Practice Martial ArtsMost of the movements in Merpati Putih were developed nearly half a millennium ago by Princess Nye Ageneg Djojo Rejoso. Much like judo, jujitsu, and aikido, MP uses more leverage than strength in its movements. This provides a level playing field for students of all sizes, shapes, and ages.

In addition to having regular self-defense workshops for women, MP USA offers an Athletic Adventure Program for people of all genders aged fifteen years and older. This program is geared toward those who are serious about learning all that Merpati Putih has to offer. And, if you are interested in a lower intensity option, check our Wealth of Health program.

Now that you know why women should practice martial arts, what are you waiting for? Contact MP USA to learn more about what we have to offer in Ogden, Utah.

Why Women Should Practice Martial Arts

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