Will Martial Arts Save The World

If you’re a doomsday prepper, today’s post is for you. We’re going to lead off with just one question, and we hope you’ll consider it carefully. Here goes…

Will martial arts ever save the word?

The answer, of course, is that no one knows. Here at MP USA, we’re not fortune tellers, but we’re always up for a good hypothetical conversation. We’re also deeply in tune with ourselves and with the world around us. The practice of a martial art such as Merpati Putih is an exercise in developing self-awareness, resilience, and potentially life-saving skills.

Although we can’t predict the future, we can certainly help you be prepared for life’s challenges! And if the world descends into anarchy and chaos, martial arts might just be what saves us!

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How Can MP Protect Me?

Just for fun, we’ve come up with five end-of-the-world scenarios where having a martial arts background might save your life. If it never comes to that, we can ensure you that joining our family martial arts program will enrich your life nonetheless!

  1. Zombie Apocalypse: The two ways to defeat a zombie are to destroy its brain or sever its spine. Here’s the bad news. If a zombie bites you first, you will die and become a zombie yourself. Yikes! The good news is that your MP skills can protect you. Being a martial artist can you remain cool-headed in stressful situations, and your resulting physical fitness can help with endurance as you try to escape. If you’re captured, the defensive moves you’ll learn as you advance in rank will help you fight back an attack and avoid being bitten.
  2. Disease Outbreak: In the wake of a disease outbreak, your healthy lifestyle as a martial artist can help you ward off illness. If you do get sick, the mind control MP teaches through meditation can help you guide your body to healing.
  3. Nuclear War: The sensory awareness you’ll develop through MP can help you guide your family to safety through a nuclear cloud. You’ll also be able to think more quickly on your feet as you seek shelter. This advantage can be greatly enhanced if you also enroll in our incredible Vibravision program.
  4. Martial Law/Government Collapse: Having MP skills may be critical here for practical self-defense, and using your body as a weapon can help you save bullets for critical situations. Also, the leadership skills you’ll develop as a martial artist can make you a key player in helping restore order and remain calm in bad situations.
  5. Geostorm: If you find yourself facing a geostorm, martial arts can help you deflect falling debris and navigate obstacles created by collapsed buildings and overturned vehicles. You’ll also have the confidence to trust your senses about how to respond to the storm and where to seek shelter.
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Where Do I Sign Up?

Now that we’ve stirred up some doom and gloom, it’s time to circle back to our original question. Will martial arts ever save the world? Although we still don’t know the answer, we’re confident that joining MP USA’s family martial arts program can make YOUR WORLD a better place. We offer open enrollment every other week, and we’d love to welcome you to our one-of-a-kind facility in Ogden, Utah. Whether you’re fending off zombies, militants, and storms or seeking a full-body workout that benefits your body, mind, and spirit, we’ve got something for you! For more information, please reach out to us…before it’s too late!

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