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Character development is crucial in the growth of every youngster. As a parent, you not only need to make sure that your son or daughter stays healthy physically, but you also have to ensure they have a strong character. Proper education is the best way to impart good character building skills. Yet, not all of this education is in the school classroom. Martial arts programs teach your kid how to develop a sound character along with valuable lifesaving skills. Below, we will look at why you should sign your child up for youth martial arts at MP USA in Ogden Utah.

How Martial Arts Helps with Character Development

youth martial arts at MP USA in Ogden UtahWhat does a sound character consist of? Strong character is one that is target oriented, tenacious, perseverant, and enduring. The key parts of a good character are tenacity, humility, courtesy, dignity, and honesty. And, martial arts teaches your youngster qualities like focus, discipline, and respect. With these qualities, your child will be well on their way to becoming a physically and mentally strong member of society.

When most people think of martial arts, they envision violent physical exertion. They see it as a forceful and aggressive sport. However, it also has a positive psychological impact on the mental health of your youngster.

Essential to anyone’s character is having a healthy foundation of self-discipline. In the studio, no matter the discipline, a student must practice the same movements hundreds of times before they can be proficient at them. Power, flexibility, stamina, and small improvements in technique only come through endless repetition. And, one must have the self-discipline to stick with it.

Self-confidence is also an important part of youth character development. On the mats, as kids get better, their confidence builds. As they take on bigger and tougher goals, they learn how to break them up into smaller parts and become more confident as they achieve them.

What Sets Youth Martial Arts at MP USA apart

youth martial arts at MP USA in Ogden UtahAt MP USA, we choose a different character development topic to focus on each month. For instance, the focus is “gratitude” for this month. The instructor teaches a lesson and opens up the discussion for the students to talk about the topic at the end of each class. There are subtopics revolving around the main theme integrated into each week’s lesson.

Another way MP USA differs from other martial arts studios is that we expect our youth program participants to be exemplary citizens at home and school. To hold our students accountable, we have a rewards program. We send home a “chore chart” with each child at the start of each month. This chart tracks the completion of healthy self-care habits, exercise and martial arts practices, homework, and other responsibilities. It also tracks respect for family and others in authority. Kids bring the charts back in at the end of the month. If they met their goals, they earn patches for their uniforms.

Join Our Youth Martial Arts Program Today

youth martial arts at MP USA in Ogden UtahChildren ages six through fourteen can participate in youth martial arts at MP USA in Ogden Utah. As soon as they turn six, we encourage kids to join our classes because we want them to take full advantage of the above benefits. Of course, no matter when your youngster starts, we will help with character development.

We first offer kids a three-lesson trial series that takes place on three consecutive days, Monday through Wednesday, from 5 pm to 5:45 pm. This allows us to customize how we train your daughter or son based on their needs and skill level.

Contact MP USA today to sign up for our next round of introductory classes!

youth martial arts at MP USA in Ogden Utah

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